Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Virgin blogger

Been hearing about blogging and reading other people's blogs. I want my own blog! Why? There have been times when I've felt I have something to say but nowhere and no one to say it too. I guess this will be where I can say what I want to say. Yes, in a way, thinking aloud.

How does one juggle being a mom and work? And I have the luxury of setting my own work time! Earning an income from work is wonderful but at the same time, I see my children growing up so quickly. My son who will be 2 years old in 2 weeks time speaks with a Filipino accent. Sings: A B C D E Ep G... I feel like I have missed out on his baby phase.

Feels like only yesterday when I was pregnant with my first child....


Blogger Cuddly Family said...

welcome to the world of blogging!!!1 :)

time to hv another..? hehehehee

4:59 pm  
Blogger mjey said...

hey there...

Welcome! You will enjoy it as much as me. I hope. Have fun!!


6:15 pm  

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