Monday, June 13, 2005


Laura is 5 today! Adam will turn 2 on Thursday, 16 June. We had a birthday party yesterday to celebrate their birthday. 20 kids in the pool! That was quite something. Laura and Adam enjoyed themselves so much. Laura is already looking forward to a party for her next birthday!

We almost didn't have birthday cakes for the children. I had wanted to bake two cakes because they both like such different things. The plan was to bake Laura a music box cake and Adam a construction site cake. I underestimated the batter needed to make 2 cakes, and ended up having enough for 1 1/2 cakes. I thought I would bake one first and then quickly whip up half a recipe to top up the pan which was not enough. Nope, cake making doesn't work that way! One cake turned out pretty ok. I topped up the other pan and popped that into the oven. After about 20 minutes, I smelled something burning and turned on the oven light. Gosh! The cake not only sank, it overflowed over the sides and dripped chocolate batter onto my oven. It looked like there was poo poo all over my oven! It couldn't get worse right? Wrong! I'd run out of cocoa powder! Went through my recipes and found another simple cake recipe. I wasn't in the mood at midnight to whisk butter and sugar, etc, etc. Hot milk cake recipe! Yay! The first recipe was the Hershey choc cake which is almost fool proof *blush*
Then came the time to decorate. Laura was supposed to get a music box cake, which meant cutting part of the cake to make a lid, held up with skewers, etc, etc. I cut a section but how to remove! The cake is very moist and I suspect I didn't allow the cake to cool enough, so couldn't cut. How? How? Panick! Panick! Then I calmed down and thought, no music box can have jewelry box lah... Phew! Laura helped to decorate the cake with candies and whatchamacallits which can be eaten. We started a tradition with Laura's birthday cakes in the past where her cakes were always decorated with candies/gummies so her friends can pick the candies off her cake after the birthday song. Her jewelry box cake kept with the tradition...
Adam's construction cake was simple to make but looked really good with the die-cast construction vehicles. When he saw it, he wanted to take the vehicles to play. Had to hold on to his arms when taking the photos so he won't take the trucks and stuff.

As with previous years, one of the squash courts were filled with balloons for kids who have had enough of the pool. Ya right... Kids get enough of the pool. Hahahaha! Most times, their parents have to call them several times and threaten to leave without them before they will get out of the pool. A couple of toddlers whose parents wouldn't take them into the pool had balloons to play with.

Photos tomorrow when I have figured out how to use Hello.... Hello! Hello!


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