Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Another birthday party!

Laura has been invited to her classmate's birthday party which will be on this Sunday. Guests are encouraged to dress up in animal costume. When Laura first received the invitation, she wanted to go as a lion, then she changed her mind and wanted to be a tiger. Now she wants to go as a bunny. This is how she looks like for the trial run. I think Laura makes a cute bunny. Now I need to figure out how to make the bunny ears.

Laura has been playing pretend for some time now. Her latest: She is mom to her doll, Samantha. Today is Samantha's 1st birthday and Laura wanted to throw a birthday party for her. We had some unfrosted cupcakes and some frosting left over from decorating Shin Yee's Elmo cake, so we had some fun decorating the cupcakes with the frosting and some candy stars and hundreds and thousands. We all sang the birthday song and took some photos.

Err... Adam wanted a clown face at first but changed his mind after a short attempt to apply a base on his face. It's not bedak sejuk on his face :D


Anonymous zona marie said...

hehe.. that's so cool! i feel like i want my face painted too!

4:10 am  
Anonymous a&a'smom said...

Is the rabbit tooth just painted on the lower lip & what did u use to paint it? Hmm, wonder whether my Abhijay will like his painted for his 9th bday this 18th? Anyway need to know how to paint Power Ranger or something like that 1st.

2:41 pm  
Blogger Lian said...

I want to be adopted by you, can ah? So fun lah your house.
You now become youtube crazy too huh? Hehehe. I too just love watching my kids do crazy stuff. Don't you just want to wrap it all up and wish it would last forever?

3:38 pm  
Blogger Min said...

Zona marie, kids get to have so much fun ya? I actually got my face painted on my 1st trip to England. Visited a country fair with friends and PT, stumbled upon a booth set up to paint faces. Our friend, Cynthia and I got our face painted and we were the only grown-ups with face painting on. We got lots of stares but it was fun!

a&a'smom, you can get face paint from IKEA and some of the patterns come with the face painting kit. I actually have a pattern for Power Ranger. I shall scan that and email to you.

Lian, Laura loves face painting. She loves to paint too but being in the afternoon session does limit the time to do stuff. YouTube is great! Thanks for introducing it to me.

6:22 pm  
Anonymous zona marie said...

things like that aren't just for kids. that and bubbles are so fun! ^_^ simple happy things. it's just like make-up - only crazier, yar?! hehehe...

6:47 pm  
Blogger Min said...

zona marie, next time you're at my place we can do some face painting too! :D

6:51 pm  
Anonymous Kat said...

You have the bestest fun at home!!!

*sending loads and loads of prosperity wishes and mantras to min*

I am hoping you will strike it big in lottery and buy a luverly bungalow at Taman Tun. And we can visit you frequently!!

2:26 am  
Anonymous zona marie said...

cool! let's! have a face painting party! like a mini-masquerade party. adults and kids alike ^_^ we have have the kids paint our faces too. & we'll invite Ari! heheh...

3:39 am  
Blogger Min said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZONA MARIE!!! Jom we have a face painting session soon.

Oh, Kat, to strike lottery and get our dream house! Yes please!

4:55 pm  
Anonymous zona marie said...

thanks min! ^_^
yes, let's! i can bring my godson too. it'll be good for him to mix ard with other kids.

5:04 pm  

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