Monday, June 20, 2011

Nowhere to turn to

My head feels like an overstuffed luggage bag.  Everything is ever needed is inside but because it's stuffed so full, I have trouble looking for things.  I have ideas, matters I need to attend to, cake ideas, biz ideas, tasks to be done, mixed emotions, errands to run.... everything is stuffed inside and nowhere to go.  I am not the most organized person which is unfortunate.  I do try very hard to be organized but...  Sometimes my head feels a blur and I feel I do not have anywhere to turn to.  Asking for advice just makes me more confused.  People almost never listen first before dishing out advice.  Sometimes I'm afraid to say something for fear of having my words thrown back at me.

I'm just rambling now...  Trying to put some words down so my mind is less cluttered.  Help...  I wish I can just create.  Leave me to create.  I want to play, to challenge my mind.  Sometimes I feel my life is spiralling out of control and it's scaring me...

Time to stop rambling and go to bed. 


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