Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some time to spare...

We've just spent a lovely but tiring day with my brother and his family at Templer's Park.  Instead of going back to the place we stopped at the last time, we thought we'll hike up to the waterfall.  The last time I was at this waterfall was when I was 15 or 16, with the Girl Guides and Boy Scouts from my school.  We met up near school, took a Bas Mini (mini bus whose drivers drive like bats out of hell) into the city centre before changing bus to Templer's Park.  The trail going up to the waterfall was not familiar at all but once we were at the falls, memories from the trips come flooding back.

My kids and niece and nephew experienced leeches for the first time today.  When we used to hike up, I remember us preparing ourselves with leech socks and those who didn't have leech socks wore slippers so we can spot the leeches early, before they suck our blood.  Armed ourselves with salt and cigarettes.  I know about the salt but cigarettes.  The boys' reasoning quite dodgey lah.  We didn't encounter that many leeches and they seem to be smaller than what I remember.  We used what we had available to get rid of the leeches.  This is when the take-away packs of chili sauce from fast food outlets come in handy!  Those leeches fell off quickly!

The waterfall looks as good I remember.  Can't say the same about the surroundings though.  Upkeep of the place can certainly be improved.  Styrofoam plates, empty cans and loads of rubbish.  They were clustered around in one area, yes, but still unsightly.  I do wonder if anyone actually goes up there to clean the place.  We tried to be conscientious and brought down our rubbish to throw away.  As soon as the rubbish hit the garbage can, the monkeys were down to rummage through.

We hiked up 2.5km to the waterfall and 2.5km back down.  Kids were real troopers.  They didn't complain a single bit and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  My feet are quite sore from walking on the stones on the river bed.  How I wish I had a pair of TEVA sandals then!  My Birkies are not made for rough terrains for sure.  Birkies are better than Crocs any day ok!

We're now back at home.  Kids are watching stupid tween/teen shows on Nickleodeon *roll eyes*.  I will never be able to understand the screaming and stupidity on the shows like iCarly and Big Time Rush.  All adults on these shows are idiots and stupidity seems to be in.  Ugh!

Time to get going for Harith Iskander and Douglas Lim show!  I love those guys but honestly, I'll love to stay home ├žoz I'm knackered...



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