Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dengue - Hospital Day 5

Hospital Day 5

Platelet count has taken another dip. Aiyo! Tried giving Laura the papaya leaves juice remedy a 2nd time without any honey. Ended up having to get the beddings changed. Nothing went into her. Alright, scrap that! Then we hear from friends that coconut water does the trick as well. PT brought some young coconuts yesterday. More palatable, so we’ll try that. Laura likes coconut water so maybe she’ll drink some. She hasn’t had any appetite, have to be forced to drink. The more she drink and get hydrated, the faster her platelet count will go up. She’s been very tired and listless since last weekend. Our heart ached to see our usual chirpy little girl being so quiet.

I’d gone back to decorate cakes. Adam was very happy to see me at home. In between his Wii games, he came to give me cuddles and kisses. PT stayed with Laura tonight. Sleep in my own bed! Nice…

Finished with cakes, patted myself on the back and hope the customers will be as pleased with the cakes as I was and went to bed. Ahh… I really like my own bed. Adam stirred, opened his eyes. “Mama!” and I got the tightest cuddle ever! Still with his arms around my neck, he fell asleep again.

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