Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Big Family Trip 2009 - Pulau Pemanggil Part 2

During the briefing on the first day, we were told that breakfast will be served at 7.45am. Not quite a relaxing holiday is it? Holiday usually meant sleeping in and eating at whatever time we felt like it. Ok ok, most hotels closes their breakfast counter at 10.00am. The kids were too excited to sleep late anyway. We were given the option of going island hopping or staying in to play indoor games. I believe telematch could have been arranged but we didn't feel like trekking across the rock to the rubbish-strewn beach. Dean was ok with arranging for a speed boat to take us to a nearby beach on another part of the island. 20 of us (a few Higher Authorities, adults and children) opted for that option. 15 pax (adults and children) opted for island hopping. A few of the Higher Authorities stayed back to play mahjong.

Along the beach were abandoned kampung houses and chalets. Dean showed us where lunch was to be brought to us. Loo Keat and I followed him through path which had mango trees on our left and right. There was also a ciku tree and jambu trees. Since nobody occupied those houses anymore, we could help ourselves to the mangoes. They were delicious!

Wi Liang & Yu Mi Sar chim, HJ, San & Yee
laura on beach RZ on beach

This was the view from the jetty:
view of fishes from jetty big school of fish
Large schools of fish swam near the jetty. Crabs hung on to the side of the jetty. We could see live corals in the sea. Adam and I snorkelled around for a long time. The sea was calm and deep enough to snorkel but safe enough without a sudden drop off point. There were lots of dead corals but also lots of live ones. I felt quite sad that these corals may not be there anymore in a few years due to pollution and release of sludge by tankers. We managed to see many types of fishes including some clown fish swimming in and out of anemone. So beautiful!

Cousins pulling funny faces Keat & girls
Justin & Hui Yee Min
The view from the jetty was quite amazing too. We even saw turtles! Our group saw 4 turtles (I saw only 2 'coz 2 swam by as I walked away!)

Jayden & Sasha My sister-in-law, Sasha, with Jayden who also swam about in the sea.

We were having some problems with the water supply at the resort that day. So the instruction was to bathe before getting back. That meant standing fully clothed to mandi. I washed my hair on the jetty! Several times, "Survivor" came to mind. We expected to be picked up at 4.00pm but were picked up at 6.00pm instead. When we got back, Dean told us his boat broke down on the way back.

My camera battery went flat at dinner time. Must get some photos taken by my cousins!

~ to be continued ~

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