Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kite flying

The weather today was perfect for kite flying. Not too hot and it was windy. We drove to a park popular with those who enjoy flying kites. There has been time in the weekend when cars double and triple park along the highway with kite enthusiasts. Typical bad planning. Big park, not enough parking bays and no public transport going there. That's why I chose to go on a week day.

I dug out a couple of sports kite we've had for many years. Before we had kids, PT and I enjoyed bringing our kites to the beach to fly. Been a long time since we've flown our sports kites. I wasn't even sure if the lines were still strong enough or if the kites had disintegrated!

I set up our terror menerror sports kite which wings span 4ft across. Like real... Then couldn't get it to fly! Aiyoooo, malunya. Well, some parts of the wings were wearing thin and there were parts of the kite which we've had to fix with tape. It has seen better days. I folded up the terror menerror kite and took out the more humble looking but still fun sports kite. I showed the kids how to fly the kite. Being rusty, I didn't do such a good job. The kite dive bombed several times. Then Laura took over. Here she is looking really cute trying to fly the kite with two strings :D
Eu-Jynn had a go too.

We also brought along a single string simple kite which Dita had fun flying. Brought out the "kampong girl" in her :D

While waiting for her turn at the sports kite, Laura decided to fly the small kite too. She was really good getting the kite flying. The wind was perfect!

Laura took a photo of her bro flying the kite. She took a perfect shot of Adam with the kite.
Adam was the best at handling the sports kite. He managed to keep the sports kite airborne the longest of the 4 of us who were there! And this was the first time he tried the sports kite. Who knows, he may get as good as the guys in the video below!

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Blogger MaMa iVaN said...

best nye! i can also say that this is like 'family day'...i can't wait till my son can walk, can must be so fun by then! you have wonderful kids!

9:34 pm  
Blogger Min said...

Thanks, Mama Ivan. It was really fun watching my kids with the kite. They squealed, they laughed and they fought over who will fly the sports kite next :D

3:13 am  

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