Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My first treasure hunt

Another first to be added to what I've done in 2008. Participated in my first Treasure Hunt. I've often gotten annoyed with Treasure Hunters who slow down their cars suddenly to look for answers to their clues. I've also been intrigued by what goes on in a Treasure Hunt. When BNI Malaysia organized its 3rd Treasure Hunt, I joined! The chapter I'm with, BNI Ampang, had 3 teams. Two of the teams got together at the Hard Rock Cafe the evening before the hunt to put our heads together to solve a couple of questions. We needed to submit 2 treasures at the start of the hunt.
Don't get fooled by the beer. We were really deep in discussion!!Flag off was from the grounds of a new hospital in Kota Damansara. My team mates were talking about tulips and clues and such. Then I find out that tulips in treasure hunts are not flowers but the directions to take during the hunt which will lead hunters to the anwers.

Muru wanted to know if the t-shirt suited him.

We got down from the car, looked around for answers to the clues given. Spent way too much time on the first few questions. Ended up not having enough time to finish the hunt!

View from the hotel was breathtaking even though the sea on the Gurney part isn't so hot really. We didn't have much time to eat properly throughout the hunt. By the evening, we were ravenous!!
We walked to Northam, which is the food centre closest to Gurney Hotel. The place was really busy! Ken's kids must have been so glad to finally get some food! I was!

Sweet Jessica enjoying a piece of chicken wing. Here with Belinda, our Feng Shui expert in BNI Ampang. Behind them is Jessica's dad, Ken, accountant extraordinaire!

The next morning was networking time and a chance to meet other treasure hunters under less competitive circumstances. We played SNAP! Nope, not the game we played when we were kids. This was SNAP done BNI style, done with name cards lol

I definitely will join more Treasure Hunts. Already thinking of bringing the children with me when they're older :D

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Anonymous kennhyn said...

the discussion do look serious....but it will be better, if everyone drink beer...haha

9:59 am  
Blogger Danny Foo said...

It's good to find a fellow BNI member enjoying the activities of blogging. :)

Anyway, Landmark chapter president just dropping in.

P.S: The view looks really great.

11:16 am  
Blogger Min said...

kennhyn, the beer did help! I was thirsty for happy hour too and the 1 for 1 deal at HRC was timely :D

Danny Foo, an honour to have Landmark chapter president dropping in on my blog :D Hope to meet you soon!

11:35 am  

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