Monday, August 18, 2008

Wedding Banquet

I've attended many wedding banquets, some family members' and some friends' and they usually involve hundreds of guests, most of whom the bride or groom have never met but they are distant relatives who should be invited to the wedding.

I've just come back from a wedding banquet of a friend of mine from primary school and it's the most fun banquet I've ever been to since a gay commitment ceremony I attended a few years ago. A small cosy banquet of 60 pax of closest family and friends. Angie and I were classmates in primary school. We lost touch over the years and somehow connected again a short while ago. The groom, Eric, is a fun person who complement Angie so well. Eric is a Scot who planned to wear a kilt on their wedding day. When Angie asked me to make their wedding cake, I was deeply honoured. Being the fun couple they are, they were planning on making a TD2000 kit car as their bridal car. I had to make the car part of the cake! Here's the result:

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There were 3 men in kilt tonight

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Eric and his brother, Ron and a friend from Australia! My guess is the Ozzie is of Scottish descent?

Thank you, Eric & Angie for a really fun evening. May you guys enjoy many happy years together. Thank you, Ron, for the whisky! :D


OpenID cleffairy said...

Gay commitment ceremony, Min? OMG, that's equivalent to a wedding isn't it? I never been to one...i wonder how it's like. can't even imagine...


I missed your post anyway. Where have you been? you've been busy? I hope you and the kids are doing well.

5:21 am  
Blogger Min said...

cleffairy, I guess it is a wedding in a way, only not official 'coz gay marriage not recognize by law here ma.

I've been so busy with cakes lately. Will try to post more. So much I want to say but just can't find the time to sit down and post. Thanks for reading!

8:45 pm  
Blogger jabishah said...

Hi min,
Ive never witnessed men in kilt. might be curious all the time laa... abt them wearing nothing inside. hahaha! Beautiful cake there... ;-)

ps- You've been tagged!

4:12 pm  

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