Thursday, June 19, 2008

Laura homework Wed, 18 June

Today's homework is very little compared to the other days.

KBSR English workbook Pages 14-16 (3 pages)
Teacher did not mark homework done on Monday and Tuesday and gave more homework on Wednesday.

Mandarin 3M Children Magazine
Based on examples given in the magazine, Laura needed to write a short paragraph on her daily "news", eg, what she did today. Even so, that's what my niece and I guessed she had to do 'coz she didn't get what her teacher wanted them to do. Her teacher also discourages students asking questions, so she dared not ask.

Mathematics in English workbook Pages 1-5 (5 pages)

Bahasa Malaysia
Read passage on page 60, then answer questions on the workbook.
Laura's BM teacher is known to provide answers to the students. She goes through the questions once and tells the students the answers. Students who go for tuition will be able to answer, those who don't like Laura, will be utterly lost. It's been 2 years since Laura learned BM and the syllabus is quite tough. Frankly, Laura is struggling to keep up. I do not understand how the syllabus is derived. Definitely not teaching children from scratch!

This is a list of "less" homework. Laura managed to finish everything to get to bed by 10pm.

Because I need to sit with Laura to do her homework, Adam is not getting as much attention from me. There isn't time to be together as a family before the kids go to bed.


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