Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Laura's Homework Tue, 17 June

Mandarin workbook Pages 4-6 (3 pages)

Mandarin exercise book
Part 1 - Copy a short story (2 paragraphs) from textbook. Provide illustration.

Part 2 - Complete a poem with some pinyin words. Write out poem, with chinese character of pinyin words.

Mathematics in Chinese workbook Pages 1-5 (5 pages)

KBSR English workbook Pages 7-13 (7 pages)
Teacher did not mark homework done on Monday and gave more homework on Tuesday.

Art & Craft: Make a mask

Laura did not manage to finish her Music class homework yesterday, so she did that today. Finished homework about 11.30pm.

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Blogger K-chan! said...

This looks normal for most students in Chinese Schools. Have you thought of home schooling? In Chinese schools children are brought up with the principal of "Children are to be seen and not to be heard."

10:05 pm  

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