Thursday, March 06, 2008

Harry Connick Jr "My New Orleans Tour"

I was at the Harry Connick Jr concert tonight. It was FUCKING AWESOME!!! Best part is, I won the tickets in a contest! I read in the Sunday Times of a contest by Dockers to win 2 x RM300 tickets to watch HCJ in concert. I am no good with writing out contest form, getting an envelope, stick a stamp on the envelope and actually getting to a post box to post the contest form. This contest said to email in the answer. I thought I can do that! So, that was what I did :D

Last Wednesday, I got a call to say I've won the tickets!!! WOOOT! PT wasn't in town, so I brought along my girlfriend, Lia, who needed a night out. We bopped and wiggled in our seats and tapped our feet, all the while wondering why nobody else was doing that. I guess the concert being in the Dewan Filharmonik, most people there think they have to behave a certain way. Man, HCJ and his Big Band were playing such good music to groove to, it was difficult keeping still. I was quite tempted to jump out to the aisle to dance!

HCJ had a great sense of humour and a certain charm about him that says he'll be great at parties. He will fit right in with us at our parties at home. The boys in the band loved their music and it was obvious watching them play. I love watching musicians who love what they do play. Their passion is felt by the audience. What an experience!

I am a HCJ fan now. Even bought his new album "Oh My NOLA" at the venue.

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Anonymous Monstermom said...

I wish I could be at the concert....

7:05 pm  
Blogger Qamal said...

before buble and after sinatra, lies HCJ.

1:18 am  

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