Thursday, February 21, 2008

From a Std 2 BM workbook

I want to know who approves the content of textbooks for our schools? Laura needed help with her homework today and this was the page from her Bahasa Malaysia (or is it called Bahasa Melayu now? I can't keep up!) workbook.

I am disturbed by this. At an age when the children should be increasing their BM vocabulary and reading interesting stories to better their understanding, they are getting questions like these? The book is teaching the children to look at their fellow countrymen differently? Very obvious that whoever wrote this activity book is very narrow minded and are teaching the children to be so.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

exactly btw Sikhs dont pray in a kuil ! racism at a young age is slowly being introduced.

10:36 pm  
Blogger Min said...

Unfortunately so. So many Malaysians are of mixed parentage. Where to place them? What beeswax is it of anyone's if I choose to celebrate all the festivals? What beeswax is it of anyone's of my race? I am first and foremost a Malaysian. And yes, of Chinese descent. Does that make me have anything in common with a Chinese national from China? Absolutely not!

3:22 am  

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