Sunday, September 16, 2007

Team Hoyt

I've seen this father and son team on Oprah and now a friend of mine sent me this video. If this isn't unconditional love, I don't know what is.

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Blogger Lian said...

Have an award for you:

4:39 pm  
Anonymous kingtut said...

I have seen the story about them and the mother is actually saying the father is doing it for the "fame", making money out of his son's limitations. Would you want to believe that or continue to view it as unconditional love?

11:34 pm  
Blogger Min said...

Daddy Hoyt is a man who has a disabled son who will never be able to work a day in his life. If he sees this as a way to make money to put food on the family's table and to eventually take care of Hoyt Jr when they are eventually gone, then I do not see a problem with what he's doing.

9:00 am  
Blogger Min said...

Daddy Hoyt trains hard. Most people half his age can't run a marathon, let alone do a triathlon. I do admire him for his courage and I think he's very noble. Better he earns money from doing what he's doing then to depend on welfare for his family.

11:37 am  
Anonymous bronxism said...

kingtut, u r so wrong..
tis is clearly an unconditional love..
juz like how the heavenly father loved His children, that He sent His one and only Son to die on the cross so that we will be saved. Amen

8:52 am  

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