Thursday, August 02, 2007

Laura's assignment in school

After highlighting the tough time that primary school kids are facing, I should highlight something positive. Laura, who is in Std 1, has an assignment she is to complete with parents. I am all for parent assisted assignments as I believe parents will be more involved with what their children are up to in school and vice versa.

The whole assignment was listed out in Mandarin. Thank goodness for PenPower Jr, this banana was able to understand what the assignment was about.

In this assignment, Laura is to bring a photo of each family member or to draw a picture of the family. Then she is to write a short essay on the hobby of each family member. Third task is to write a short essay of the activity that the whole family likes to do together. Each student will present his/her assignment to the whole class.

What I love about this assignment? That the parents are encouraged to get involved. The child gets to know each member of the family better and the language is used to communicate. Of course, there is also the chance for the child to experience public speaking. I am going to write to Laura's teacher to commend her on giving assignments like this. I am looking forward to more!



Blogger Lian said...

This assignment to be done on chinese?

11:08 am  
Blogger Min said...

Yup. To be completed in Chinese. Don't think it has to be complicated lor. If in English, the assignment would have been completed a long time ago :)

4:13 pm  
Anonymous Farris said...

Good to hear that Penpower Jr really useful to you.

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12:18 am  

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