Sunday, June 10, 2007

Birthday Party

Laura and Adam look forward to their birthday party every year. Since we moved here, their birthday parties have been held by the pool. Great venue as the children keep themselves occupied. That Laura and Adam have a fun uncle (my brother, Chun) who love playing with the kids in the pool definitely helps.

Laura requested for a toadstool cake with fairies. Fairies were made with little Polly Pockets attached with marshmallow wings. Adam wanted a dinosaur cake. Both of them helped with making the cake - Adam cracked the eggs, Laura sifted the flour mixture, Adam measured the milk and Laura squeezed the orange juice. Then they decide where they want to place the fairies and the dinosaurs just before the cakes are brought out.

Time flew by at the party. Everyone had fun by the pool. Some of our friends stayed and the party continued in our house. Laura even brought some of her friends into her room, switched off all the lights, flashed a torchlight about and put up some music. They had a party in a club like atmosphere! Now where did she learn that?

Thank you to all the friends and family who came to the party. Thank you so much for making Laura and Adam's birthdays special.



Blogger Sasha said...

ooo so sorry can't make it. But thier pressies are with me. Will bring them when we're all better

4:15 pm  
Anonymous papajoneh said...

coming from Sasha here :D
Hi, nice to know another parents. If i nearby... i would like to come.. eventhough just outside the fence... ;)

5:04 pm  
Anonymous kat said...

Yerr!! I cannot see the photos wor. In mama min can see though. Will you post in mama min as well? Thanks!

Hahaha.. Looks like yours and PT's party blood passes on well!! So crever to party, laura!! LOL

10:55 pm  
Blogger Min said...

Sasha, missed you guys at the party. We were looking forward to you all coming over. Hope you're all feeling better now. Do come over lah. We'll arrange with Chun and family to come over too, and we can go swimming again.

Papajoneh, if you have made your way here you would have been welcomed to join us. Not outside the fence leh.

Kat, how come cannot see photos? Strange. Already party animal now, when teenager how ah? *roll eyes*

7:04 pm  
Anonymous twin said...

a little late ... better late than never ... happy belated birthday laura and adam. :)

6:14 am  
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