Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Science for Std 2 Challenge - Answer

Thank you for replying to the challenge. Here are the answers I got:

Pix1 (left) matches with Pix2 (right)
2 = 4
3 = 1
4 = 3

I like Don's argument, so I will put it here:
Eat too much, you put on weight (1=2)

Don't eat at all, you end up skinny with sunken cheeks (2=4) -- though they should have drawn him looking a bit more cadaverous, IMHO.

Skip your veggies, you end up with constipation (3=1), though frankly they should have drawn the kid straining on the loo to make this clearer.

Prance about abstaining from a good, stiff drink after a good curry masala with sambal on the side on a hot, sunny day and you end up mugging someone and stealing their bag desperately looking for a drink while flapping your hand in front of your face to cool down your tongue, all in all looking like a loon (4=3).

Seriously though, what other possible conclusions could Laura have come to?! Given the scant clues provided by the artwork, those are the most logical choices. Kudos to her for figuring it out, considering the poor cartooning/art direction/editing of the book.

1 = 2
2 = 4
3 = 3
4 = 1

I so agree with Don. The answer can be anything! Here's the teacher's explanation and what she insists is the optimum answer:

1. Eat too much = become fat (Pic 2)

2. Picky eater/don't eat = become weak (Pic 3). Gee, and we all thought Pic 3 depicted someone who was constipated/feeling hot/bratty.

3. Don't eat veg = become skinny (Pic 4). This I do not agree with the teacher. If Pic 2 is picky eater, picky eater will also become skinny right?

4. Don't drink water = fall sick (Pic 1). Not Pic 3? Body heats up and can't deal with the heat?

As Don pointed out, the illustration is so badly done, it is difficult to say which is THE answer for which. Can be anything right? So I really do not think the teacher should have marked Laura's answers as wrong. I asked Laura's teacher if questions like this will appear in the test paper and she refused to confirm or say no. Even have the cheek to tell me it's quite alright to get it wrong in the workbook. As long as Laura learns to identify what is the optimum answer. How to reply to that??

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

min this is relly silly.but lil story for u, i remember when i was in standard 3 maths exam, there was a solid line drawn across we had to measure with the ruler and write how many cm the line was. so my answers were all : 3.7cm , 4.2 cm etc.

results came i got all wrong. So mum went and ask the teacher said that she had not tought us to read the perpuluhan 7 (.7 , .2, .8 etc). Then I brought the ruler i used, i still remember long green ruler with black lines. It measured exactly as my response.

Used other student's rulers it was 3 cm 7cm etc... ok so fine my ruler was wrong and i was not the manufacture of the ruler. So not my fault I should still get it right. about 10 marks was one whole section.

but the point was still we didnt learn to read measurements after titik perpuluhan so there was no way for me to know !!!!!!!!

seriosuly !!! wait till your kids start doing SMP moral. If it was me if i would have known I wld have done agama since primary much easier. from your cake lover friend in Scotland u know who lerrrr

10:27 pm  
Blogger Min said...

V, you realize we don't go to school to learn to think? Sit down, shut up and listen. You have an opinion? How dare you?

What is SMP moral?

3:15 am  

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