Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Am I brave enough?

Am I brave enough to homeschool my children? Am I patient enough? I am exploring all options before deciding on one.

As I've posted previously, I know next to nothing about homeschooling. However, I have gotten in touch with someone in Malaysia who runs a homeschooling website. At this point, I still know very little but hopefully will gather more knowledge to make an educated decision.

Let me give an insight to what I daydream about...

For my children to have fun learning and learning is beyond the classroom. Instead of learning flora and fauna from books, to actually be outdoors touching and smelling to learn. To learn about life cycle of an insect, to observe a caterpillar morphing to a butterfly in our own backyard. To visit science centre to explore, to do experiments at home and to gather information together.

All that is fine and good except, we don't have a science centre which is fun or equipped for such excursion. I do not have a backyard where butterflies will lay eggs. I suppose there are ways and means. My main concern is really the onus of teaching of my children will be on me. Am I good enough? Qualified enough? Patient enough?

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Blogger Angelia said...

I think you are :) You are more patient with them than I am. hehe The national science centre isnt so bad, there is FRIM, there's a nature exploration wallks held during school hols in shah alam, HEAPs of things to do, other than just shopping malls I'm trying to compile ideas too. (not that I plan to homeschool my bunch hehe).

decisions, decisions hor? Ailian homeschooled karina right?

9:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IMHO, it's a real dilemma. Wanting the best for the kids and wondering if you're truly equipped to be the one who can do it best.

It's a hugely challenging task and responsibility. At the very least, it calls for some serious soul searching, self-reflection and courage to face up to one's own strengths and weaknesses.

This decison (homeschooling your own kids) is both a terribly difficult and important one.

In a simplistic parallel, are husbands the best people to teach give us driving lessons?

Will we constantly question our own capacities? I believe this constant worry and stress alone will be the biggest potential obstacle, even if we indeed have all the skills and qualification to perform the job.

doubtless, the decision you take will be in your children's best interests.

-kpc stranger-

2:51 pm  
Blogger nckeat88 said...

My personal opinion is homeschooloing is not the best option for children. It's like putting a plant in a green house. A well protected plant will not be able to survive any storm or face the challenge themselve when they are grown up.

4:56 pm  
Blogger Min said...

nckeat88, I like your analogy! I guess deep down, that is the way I feel just don't know how to express it. Thanks!

9:39 pm  
Blogger :3niGma: said...

hey, sorry to barge in. I'm not a mom. hehe. still a kid in her 20's.

was doing research then i noticed your blog. but i have a few suggestion that you may consider.

I've been going to this self development center since i was 13. its not a very big institution, but its is taught by a professional counselor. she conducts a lot classes and workshops focused on self development and EQ management. i couldn't go for the classes, but I've always attended the workshops during holidays. now i help around there too. they're activities caters from age 5-teenagers. focusing on values and emotion management as well as just being happy.


you can try this link and see if it helps. its in Klang so if it isn't so feasible, perhaps you can call her up for info.

013-3936252 Ms Lim Siew Kee

I'm sure she is glad to help! mayb there are similiar facilitators at your area.

the wisdomhut teaches in chinese. some of our activities include trip to taman pertanian, train ride to the post office, catching caterpillars and parents appreciation and self responsibilities. we have participants from puchong and subang as well!


you can see the photos here of their past camps and workshops.
they are a buddhist family but don't worry. the wisdom hut is not religious.

caryn yeo.

3:43 pm  
Blogger :3niGma: said...

sorry. forgotten to say. its not homeschooling or any sort ya....
its jus like an additional class.

tuition if u may call it.

3:45 pm  

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