Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What's been on my mind...

My mind works like 30-sec commercials. My thoughts fleet between lots of stuff, totally unrelated. I can be thinking about cake designs one minute and reminded to pay my bills the next. Or I'll be driving when suddenly I remember I need to call someone or arrange something. Next moment, I forget. What's been on my mind lately?

1. I love my current place. Even after the landslide which started one road away from my place, I am quite reluctant to relocate.

2. Even though I welcome the move to have rear car passengers belt up, I find the move ludicrous. Parents are allowing their children, even toddlers, to stand up on the front passenger seat without any restrain (forget about car seats!) and getting away with it.

3. I need to get more exercise. My body is protesting the sedentary lifestyle I used to enjoy. I do not enjoy sedentary lifestyle anymore. Most certainly do not enjoy having flabby butts, arms and midriff.

4. Adam seems to be enjoying school. I love the improvements his kindie has made. Came with a price too. Increased school fees!

5. I hope Laura enjoys school and has good nurturing teachers this year. I hope she gets to participate in extra-curricular activities she'll enjoy. Apparently the teachers choose for the students what to participate in. I need to find out more.

6. Going to change my body time clock. Sleep early, wake up early. As a night owl, that is going to take some effort!

7. I'll be featured in a magazine in a couple of months! Woo hoo! Details later...

8. Chinese New Year is near! YAY!!!

9. Chinese New Year is near! YIKES!!

10. I need to call real estate agents to look for a place. Will I find a place which we will love as much as our current place? Where the air is always cool, the surrounding is quiet except for the chirping of the birds in the morning and the gentle sounds of the insects at night. A place like that which is not in the boondocks.

11. Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner. What dishes to cook? When to buy the foodstuff?

12. Chinese New Year goodies for guests and as gifts. Got to prepare!

13. Wow, Laura sure has a lot of books for Std 3. Additional 10 workbooks on top of the mountain of workbooks which are on her official book list. WTF!

14. What to wear for photo shoot tomorrow?

15. Need to be up early for BNI meeting. Time to sleep.

16. I need to think about cake biz direction.

17. My right foot is still swollen. My neck is stiff and sore on the right side. Related?

Man... being me is exhausting!



Blogger emtan99 said...

why do you need to leave the current place ? How are you going to sell it now ? It's still a beautiful area to live..
Please get someone to see stiff neck. Let me know if you need recommendations in Ampang area.

11:13 am  
Blogger aBByLiCioUs said...

Happy New Year to you Mama Min and hope you get well soon!!

p/s:I've privatized my blog so i would be glad if I could have your email for me to invite you to my blog.TQ


12:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese NIU year 2009 !!

8:47 am  
Blogger Brenda Ang said...

Hey there, do you still exercise and maintain the weight that you managed to shed off some time ago? I started buying Shape magazine when you're in it. After that I discovered Pat's blog which directed me to you again. I used to frequent your cupcake blog :) Love every single one of your design.

10:43 pm  
Blogger Min said...

Brenda, I've kept up with exercising but I do miss my personal trainer hahaha

6:33 am  

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