Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dengue - Hospital Day 3

Hospital Day 3

With the plugs up her nose, Laura breathes through her mouth which causes her to snore. She doesn’t sleep very well, tossing and turning throughout the night. Every time she opened her eyes, I gave her something to drink so her mouth won’t be dry. Man, can she snore! The difference between a paediatric ward and a regular ward is, the nurses are very gentle and considerate. They were in and out regularly in the night to check Laura’s temperature and also to check her blood pressure a couple of times in the night. We have slept through most of the time.

Every morning, a nurse comes in to take some blood samples for testing. Laura’s fever was still high, hovering between 38 and 39 C throughout the night. According to the paed, that’s unusual as it’s already Day 5. He suspects she may have developed a secondary infection, possibly due to the plugs up her nose. He called for blood tests to check for infection as well as prescribed a course of antibiotics.

PT comes in to spend some time with Laura in the day, which is nice. We get to chat a bit. Something we’ve not had much chance to do with him being in Singapore a lot these past year and a half. When PT comes over, I get to go home to spend some time with Adam. It was good being home to be with Adam. We had dinner together and played a Wii game together. Then some cuddle time before he slept. Sometimes, when one child is ill in hospital, it’s so easy to neglect the other child/ren. Adam has been wonderful though. Very concerned about his sister. Wanted me to ask when his Ci Ci can be home and if she’ll be ok. He heard the public announcement on our local radio about a father losing his daughter to dengue. I think that scared him, thinking that he may lose his Ci Ci to dengue. PT had a chat with him to assure him that Laura will be ok.

Early yesterday morning was Michael Jackson’s memorial in LA. I was too tired to stay up but got up in time to see Shaheen Jafargholi sing. I enjoyed the messages that went back and forth on Facebook but the memorial itself was too OTT for my liking. I wondered how many people were there for their time on TV or for remembering MJ? We’ll never know. I liked some of MJ’s songs and I think he was very talented. He was definitely a showman. He was very messed up too. Thank you for the music, MJ but I hope the media let you rest now.

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Blogger babe_kl said...

oh dear, i hope she has recovered by now. my prayers are with you

1:47 pm  
Blogger cheeky.cicak said...

Sorry to hear, hope your daughter's on her way to recovery. I hope you gave the doctor a piece of your mind on his/her bedside manners (or rather, the lack thereof)!

2:38 pm  

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