Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dengue - Hospital Day 4

Hospital Day 4

There never seems to be enough time to do all I want to accomplish in a day. I’m probably just tired. Not getting enough sleep. Today was baking day, baking a couple of cakes to be decorated tomorrow. PT was at the hospital to be with Laura so I can go home to bake. First to collect a couple of dolls needed for cake orders.

I called up Toys R Us a couple of days ago to find out where I could find two dolls I needed. The customer service person, Kala, called me back the next day. She apologized she couldn’t call me the same day as they were checking stock throughout the Toys R Us in the country. She found the dolls I was looking for at Toys R Us in 1 Utama. Been a long time since I’ve experienced good customer service and I am impressed. My friend, Lia picked up the dolls for me. Just in case they sell out or something. I didn’t want to take a chance!

Driving back from Lia’s, I was running through my head what I needed to do. Suddenly I was stopped at a road block for speeding! WTF. I don’t need this! The police asked if I knew I was over the speed limit. “Oo… errr… I was?” The police then asked me “So, how now?” My reply: “If I’d done something wrong then I should be issued a summon.” Then I added “Oh gosh, my daughter is in hospital with dengue fever. I need to go see her” Sounding a little exasperated on purpose. Ok, buying time, trying my luck but I was telling the truth! I was prepared to get that summon anyway. Pause, the police looked at me, looked in the car and then he said “Ok, you can go”. I was like “Huh? Go? Go where?” The police said “Boleh pergi. Kamu sudah susah, tak mahu tambah susah” (You can go. You have enough to worry about – something like dat lah)

Earlier, picking up something from a McDonald’s Drive-thru, I’d forgotten to place order drove up straight to the cashier window. Yup, distracted again. I apologized to the cashier that I forgot to order. She told me I’ll have to go back into the queue. Then she took one look at me, asked me what I wanted. Then she told me she’ll make an exception this time and I got my order without having to get back in the queue!

Hmm… I must have looked really tired.

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