Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dengue - Hospital Day 6

Hospital Day 6

Laura’s platelet count is going up! Even though her platelet count was low on Day 5, she got back a bit of her appetite. She was eating better and drinking more. Sounds like PT and Laura had a good day together too. It’s good to hear my little girl giggling and joking again. Her paed said she may be discharged tomorrow which is wonderful news!

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Blogger babe_kl said...

looked like a good sign, my hubby had dengue a few years back, platelet counts also going up and down giving him so many false hope to discharge but eventually they did on the 7th day ;-) i think laura should be doing ok by today

12:18 pm  
Blogger coffeesncookies said...

gosh, I hope she's well now and back to her normal self. did she lose much weight ?

6:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw u dat day. you blub again!

3:57 pm  

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