Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Missed tag

Midnite Lily tagged me in January and I missed it. Sorry! Now, how to define "old"?? To me, old means what my parents used to like but Midnite Lily has defined "old" as in what I used to watch when I was a kid! Errrrmmm....

1. Name one of the actor of the old days that you missed the most
Gene Kelly. My father used to like movies by Gene Kelly. He often told me that people commented that he looked like Gene Kelly. The only photo I could find of my dad which I could scan was this. He had put on a bit of weight then, so not quite the chiseled look that a young Gene Kelly had.

I loved watching Gene Kelly dance in the movies. Loved it when we could get the classic movies channel on Astro. One of the movies I liked a lot was Anchors Aweigh which Gene Kelly starred with Frank Sinatra.

2. Name a cartoon of the old old days
How to name this when the old cartoons are still shown on Cartoon Network? Loony Toons!

3. Name a singer/group of the old days
Wah, Midnite Lily named "Tears For Fears" as from the old days ah? When my nephew and I attended the Hoobastank concert (which I LOVED!), TFF songs were playing before the concert started. My nephew asked if TFF members were still alive! Then he told his mom they were playing songs from the "old days" before the concert. I guess 80's is retro now lah. I like "Tears For Fears" too, especially their "Songs From The Big Chair" album. Group from the old days for me would also be "Frankie Goes To Hollywood". I just found out that FGTH is still around!

4. Band of the old days
Queen. Why did Freddie Mercury have to die before I have a chance to see him perform live???

5. TV Series of the old days
SWAT, Starsky & Hutch, Hawaii-Five-O (which I used to watch with my father)

6. Actress of Old Days
Jessica Tandy was so beautiful, even when in her 80's. For those who don't know who Jessica Tandy was, she was in "Batteries Not Included", "Cocoon" and "Fried Green Tomatoes"

Judy Garland had such a fabulous voice! My children and I can watch "Wizard of Oz" over and over again.

7. Fashion of Old Days that you miss the most
Errr.... I'm glad the bell-bottoms are out and so are fly-away collars. Do not really want to wear oversized shoulder pads, big hair and carrot cut pants again. Nope, don't miss those.

8. Movie of Old Days
Anchors Aweigh, Wizard of Oz

9. Music Video of Old Days
Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran videos

10. Coolest Song of Old Days
RELAX! by Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Can't think of who to tag yet....


Blogger me said...

why so funny one? some people collect stamps or coins, you collect tags ah? do 3 got discount? maybe next 6 mths no need to do anymore.

10:17 am  
Blogger Min said...

lenglui, accepting your tag has caused a flooding of tags! :D I'm hoping this will be the last one for the rest of the year!

You want to do any of the other tags I received?

4:36 pm  
Blogger me said...

are you kiddingggggggg?????? really eat free nothing to do meh? kekekeke. not unless you force me to lah then i sure give face.

8:45 am  
Anonymous midnite lily said...

i may look young, but i'm not young. =P i was told that when some of my older friends found out my music tastes. what to do? i'm a child of the 80s because of my aunt. ^_^ i used to sit with her and watch all the mtvs and listen to her music.

i'd much prefer those than the boyband 90s. ugh.

4:30 am  
Blogger Min said...

midnite lily, it's true that music from the 80's were more interesting. As evident in some of the remakes of songs from the 80's by boy bands!

12:25 am  

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