Sunday, February 19, 2006

Morbid curiosity?

I couldn't sleep last night so I watched some TV. "New Detectives" was on on Discovery Channel. I've always liked this programme and other similar programmes like the "FBI Files". I remember having read somewhere that these programmes are really popular. They must be as there are so many different shows with similar theme, even several TV series "Medical Investigations" and "CSI".

What is it about programmes like these which make people tune in week after week? Why do I find these programmes so interesting? Then I thought of the way Malaysians (and I've been told people from other parts of the world do the same) slow down whenever there is an road accident. What do people hope to see? Blood? Body parts on the road? Crushed heads? Why do the vernacular newspaper publish gory photos of shoot-outs and crime scenes? Obviously they sell more paper when there are such pictures. More sale means lots of people want to see photos like those. They feel disgusted but at the same time feel curious enough to buy the papers. Is it this reason I watch shows like "New Detectives"? Not really.

The fact based shows ALWAYS end with the police getting the murderer(s). Evidence gathered from the crime scene enable the police to get the bad guys. I think that's why I watch these programmes. Perhaps that feel-good factor, that "crime doesn't pay", is what I like about the programmes. Reading news about little girls being raped and murdered, body stuffed into a TV box and dumped by the road side and a young man with a bright future killed in a brawl always make me sad. I guess watching TV shows about criminals being brought to justice make me think that this world isn't all bad.


Blogger Lian said...

I love shows with mysteries. I grew up reading Nancy Drew, Alfred Hitchcock and the 3 investigators, Famous 5 etc.... I love it coz' of the challenge to find the truth. I like to make guesses and then see if I'm right.

2:04 pm  

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