Thursday, September 01, 2011

Empty Nest Syndrome

When my kids were smaller - baby and toddler age - there were times when I felt I needed some alone time.  That they were not independent enough and needed constant attention got to me a bit.  I remember my first holiday away from the family felt really good.  To be able to do what I wanted when I wanted was such a luxury.  Now my kids are older.  Not quite old enough to move out but old enough to keep themselves occupied, wash and change themselves and not quite needing so much attention anymore.  While it's good that they're learning to be independent, this I feel is the stage when everything can go horribly wrong when they hit teenage years.  It's so easy to take things for granted.  Time will pass and before we know it, the generation gap grows wider and wider.  Just a short time ago, mama and papa knew everything.  My son had even asked me once how is it I seem to know everything.  Now they know papa and mama don't have all the answers.  Soon, there will be a time when they think papa and mama don't know anything!

Not so long ago, my kids used to ask me to play with them.  Setting up the cake studio has taken a lot of time from them, or when we're together, I feel too tired to do much.  Or I'm trying to keep up with work at home.  Tonight, they've decided to follow my sis-in-law home for a sleepover so they can play with their cousins.  I'm really missing them now.  All alone at home and not quite knowing what to do with myself!  Horrors!

Lately, I've felt we haven't had much quality family time together.  There isn't anything other than watch movies at home together.  That is such a passive past time though.  I've offered to take kids to the park in the mornings but they're not really interested anymore.  Oh dear oh dear...  I really hope I won't be singing to myself "Slipping Through My Fingers" by Abba with a tinge of regret when my kids are all grown up.


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