Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I believe the children are our future...

Wow, it's been a few days since my last post!

Adam fell sick on his birthday and he's still not better. Took him to see his paed yesterday as he was coughing quite violently. Fortunately, he sleeps ok at night although he does cough in his sleep.

Several times I've seen how children's safety were compromised, which gets me thinking about today's blog. A few days ago, I saw a family with small children in the car, travelling about 80km on a highway. Dad was driving and he had his seatbelt on. Mom and 2 of their children in the back. A 3-year-old boy was STANDING on the front passenger seat! This family is training the boy to be a human cannonball?? Two months ago, the rear windscreen of a van carrying school children to and from school was shattered. The proprietor cleared out the broken windscreen and used a plastic sheet to over where the windscreen was supposed to be. Recently I saw the van again. This temporary measure was not rectified even after two months! Why do parents allow this van to carry their children when a basic thing like repairing a shattered windscreen is not even looked into? I've lost count of the number of times I have seen people with infant on their lap on the front passenger seat, travelling at breakneck speed on the highway. I am sorry to say an acquaintance of mine lost her 3-year-old daughter that way and she wasn't even driving fast. Her daughter was in the front with their helper.

I do my big grocery shopping once every two weeks at the Pudu Market. Every time I pass by one of the shops selling dry sundry goods, I have noticed young children busy working, peeling garlic and onion. These children are about 4 or 5 years old only. They will be sitted on a stool with a big bag of onion or garlic in front of them, diligently peeling and cleaning. I do not know if these are the proprietors children helping their parents out or if they were hired by the shop. My heart breaks seeing these children working so hard when they should be enjoying their childhood. I want to do something but what can I do? Report the proprietor for child labour? Will I really be doing these children a favour? If I don't do anything, will these children be losing out on education and a happier childhood? What am I supposed to do?

My children are blessed with everything they could ever need and more. They get to choose which toy they want to play with, what they want to eat for their meals. They have more clothes than they can ever wear out before they outgrow the clothes. On the other hand, there are children who have to work at a young age, or have to grow up quickly to take care of their parents or grandparents.


Blogger Twinsmom said...

There are a lot of things we can't help, some time it seems like we are helping, but ended up ruin.
just like the kids you saw working in the shop, if we report child labour, they might lost their job, lost their job means they wouldn't be feed.
and in Malaysia our social welfare still trying to do their best to protect the children, but there is a long way to go.
my father was an orphan since he was 9, he did a lot hard labour to support himself, I know how it was like.
I'll not pity the kids if they have to work for their living in the early age, all I can is to pray they learn a lot other kids can't learn from the nursery, to survive in their future.
don't we read a lot great ppl had a difficult childhood? let's us pray one day they can become a great person like those who success.

4:36 pm  
Blogger Min said...

Maria, you are right. That is why I have not reported this shop. Pains me to see children face hardship but at the same time, I know of many people who has had a difficult childhood but grew up to be industrious human being who do not take things for granted. Those are good qualities to have.

1:25 pm  

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