Monday, March 06, 2006

Another year older

I've been feeling out of sorts the past couple of weeks and not due to PMS! Feeling of deja vu has been overwhelming 'coz I felt like this close to my 30th birthday. I started reflecting on what I'd achieved till then and remember feeling really depressed because I hadn't achieved very much when I turned 30. I had grandeur plans to buy a car (which I had) and a house (which I hadn't) by the time I was 30. I was at a crossroad, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Didn't want to be in a desk-bound job working 9-5 but did not know what I really wanted. I think I spent my 30th birthday moping.

As I'm not one to sit around and mope, I started searching for what I am good at so I wouldn't regret when I turn 40 that I've not done anything worth mentioning. That year, I took up lessons in quilt making and found out that I had a talent for it.

Reflecting on my birthday has gotten me thinking of my birthdays past.

Celebrating my 3rd birthday in Ipoh with my cousins.

My parents stopped having birthday parties for me after this as my mother believed that having birthday parties and receiving gifts would spoil me. Hmm... Guess it never occurred to my mother that it would be a good opportunity for me to learn that birthday parties are beyond receiving gifts.

I enjoyed my birthdays when in secondary school. My friends got together to celebrate each other's birthday in the school canteen. Very simple but fun nonetheless.

I didn't celebrate my 21st birthday as my father was very ill then. It was a tough year for all of us as he was in and out of hospital a lot. I can't remember now but my 21st birthday may have been spent in the hospital taking care of him. He died four months later.

My 24th birthday was really special. My childhood friend, Chwee Peng, organised a dinner party for me. She made an effort to cook for us. We had a nice dinner party before proceeding to Alibi for some dancing.

PT surprised me on my 36th birthday by organising a dinner party by the sea in Lone Pine, Penang. My birthday spent just the way I liked, with family and good friends. This birthday was extra special because I became Mama Min just 5 weeks before. I had both my children with me so life was good!

Writing this entry has made me realise I'm truly blessed. I am surrounded by loved ones and good friends, so I really should snap out of this lousy mood!

Who wants to party with me on my 38th birthday??!


Blogger Siao Cha Bor said...

got single, eligible men, i sure come wan

12:43 am  
Blogger ninuk said...

Oh Min ... you're still young ! Younger than me by 2 years, you'll always be younger than me. OK Whatttt !

4:56 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just felt like I read part of MY life. I'm at cross roads at the moment. Actually, I've been there for awhile now. Sigh. I've got a 830-530 job, doing well in my career but ever since I became a mummy, I've been dying to resign to be with my daughter. The material things suddenly seem so trivial. I cant just resign though cauz I hv bills to pay.

My dream is coming true (I hope). I'm inquiring about a flexi job and who knows, if that comes through, I'll be able to spend more time with my baby, who is already 8 months. How time flies.

I wanted to take up quilt making as well, in fact only just recently. I think that happens when one becomes a mummy. Pls do tell me more about it. Is it an expensive hobby?

I hope you are happy in what you are doing now. U seem to have lots of people who love you, some of us are so lucky. I guess the crossroads and the ups and downs in life makes us think about the little things in life which we sometimes take for granted, unintentionally though.

Happy Birthday (early wishes) and may god bless you.

9:08 am  
Blogger me said...

you are very lucky. i am sure i had many good birthdays too and my share of bad ones......but i can't remember any single one of them! that is really painful.

9:35 am  
Blogger Min said...

SCB, I'll rustle up some single, eligible guys and call you ok?

Ninuk, I'm not afraid of growing old. In fact, I'm having the most fun now in my 30's. I believe my 40's will be even better.

Vanitha, I hope you get the flexi job. Yes, our children do grow up very fast. You may also be pleasantly surprised that you are actually able to be a SAHM now. When you're a SAHM, you do not need to pay for transport to and fro from office, lunch, business clothes and babysitting.

There are a few essential tools (apart from the usual thread and needle) for quilting which can be quite pricey as they are imported, eg, quilters ruler, roller cutter, cutting mat, fabric scissors. Once you have those, you'll be able to use them for a long time.

lenglui, believe it or not, memory loss comes with being a mummy!

10:27 am  
Blogger Lian said...

So got party ah? Promise not to spoil you with presents. Hahaha.

12:34 pm  
Anonymous midnite lily said...

happy happy happy birthday, min!! ^_^ i used to be really depressed on my bdays too. it always fell during CNY break and no one was around to bother. i spent it in the hospital once before too... =/

anyway, so what type of party shall u be having then? ^_^

2:26 pm  
Blogger Min said...

Lian and midnite lily, have not decided on party (as in grown-ups only) yet. Passed by Zouk earlier and saw that they're having a Mambo Jambo F1 night on Saturday, 18 March. Interested?

As for a "party" which involves my kids, I'm in the midst of planning one.

2:37 pm  
Blogger Min said...

I am so going through mid-life crisis! Hahahaha!

2:38 pm  
Blogger me said...

actively planning party and thinking of going to F1 party.....mid-life crisis like that meh? i thought should be out buying sports, wait, that's for guys...what do girls do? start blogs, i guess. hahaha. maybe get a tatoo or pierce a nipple ring. no lah, i think you are just fine. *hynotising you* you THINK you are going through mid-life crisis but you are ok. you are ok. you are ok. works or not?

4:16 pm  
Blogger Min said...

lenglui, doing something which I don't normally do ma. Used to party in my early 20's. Now in my late 30's want to party even harder!

What birthday present shall I get myself?? ;-)

6:51 pm  
Anonymous a&a'smom said...

Yes u r so blessed! Age is just a number. I think I am much happier & contented now than when I turned 30. When I feel down I always think of all the people that I have in my life & how they make me feel so loved. So don't feel depressed & enjoy life ya!

11:12 pm  
Anonymous a&a'smom said...

Yes u r so blessed! Age is just a number. I think I am much happier & contented now than when I turned 30. When I feel down I always think of all the people that I have in my life & how they make me feel so loved. So don't feel depressed & enjoy life ya!

11:13 pm  
Blogger me said...

kakakaka. immediately i got good suggestion come to my mind. get yourself a chipendale. kakakaka. sure lots of girlfriends suddenly would love to come celebrate your birthday with you.

i feel same way too. suddenly feel that every occasion must celebrate with more zest. starting to feel old i guess. seriously, get yourself......a face lift loh. hahaha. or boob job. kekeke. hubby sure to appreciate. hmmmm....but maybe got problem with future milk supply.

10:11 am  
Anonymous midnite lily said...

if the party with the kids involves face painting, i'd love to come! ^_^ hope u dont mind i bring my godson?

2:14 pm  
Anonymous midnite lily said...

a&a's mom's comment reminded me of my fave quote...
I refuse as I age, to deny my years. When asked at 30, I'll be 30. When the question comes up at 45, I'll take 45. For what year should I subract? The one in which my son or daughter was born? Or the year I first fell in love? How about the one less favourable? Like the year I came down with pneumonia. Or one of those grief-filled years spent saying goodbye to someone close? Maybe I could choose the seemingly insignificant. That year I saw a falling star? Or the one spent not enthralled with life, just content with it? No, I'll keep them all, the good years, the bad and the not so memorable. To deny one would be to deny myself. Because added up, they are my life.
~~Sheila Cabrera

2:18 pm  
Anonymous maria @ twinsmom said...

woman, same age with me aje lar, why think so much leh?
not bad what still have birthday party, so far I only had two birthday party, one at the age of 7, and 18. guess from baker family got sick to cake gua, but then again, never learn that birthday is more than just cake :D.

7:24 pm  
Blogger Min said...

midnite lily, that was a beautiful quote. So well said!

lenglui, plastic surgery? I'm happy with what I've been blessed with, thank you very much! Can't remember where I read this but it goes something like this:

"At 30, you have the face you're born with. At 60, you have the face you deserve"

maria, sounds like it's time to organise a birthday party for yourself! Long overdue!

7:08 pm  
Blogger XMOCHA! said...

HAPPY HAPPY BDAY!! Thanks for this very poignant entry.

5:06 pm  
Anonymous lavendar said...

hi min,

happy belated birthday :0) glad to hear u have fun...take care,k!

5:02 pm  

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