Friday, November 10, 2006


Been a while since I've written a post. Been really busy as well with cake orders, especially in the weekends. To see latest photos go to my Mama Min blog. Tonight, with a bit of time at hand, I backed up my phone info and found these gems. Some housekeeping...

It was the 7th lunar month. The shop which sells Taoist prayer items were busy preparing for the Ghost Festival. They make beautiful paper horses. I've been wanting to take photos for some time but can't seem to remember to bring my camera. So had to make do with my phone camera. Also, I was trying to be discreet lah. I shall bring along my camera and ask for permission to take proper photos next time. This is an art form!

There is no escaping the portable computer games! Recently McDonald's gave out these toys with their Happy Meals. I really can't stand children playing Gameboys and other such games when in the company of other people or at mealtimes, as I've blogged recently. It's really teaching children to be anti-social. This is the only time (when they got the game) that they played at the dining table.

Laura's classmate celebrated her 6th birthday with a Princess themed party at McD. I forgot my camera! So, had to make do with my dinky phone camera...

Adam is a joker... He spotted our helper's glasses lying on the table so he put them on.

He looks so grown up! Then he gets hold of other glasses and did this:

One of the features in the new Tesco Ampang is an indoor play area. RM3 per child for unlimited play, with a Jump Castle, small playground and some toys. The maintenance of the place is highly suspect as can be seen by the number of flattened balls in the ball pit.

I have also seen broken parts of swings and playhouses chucked under the slides. Hmmph!

And the rides? EXPENSIVE! An average of RM1.50 per ride.

Today, Adam and I went bowling and we made friends with some people who were also bowling in the next lane. The little boy is also named Adam, almost the same age. They were very amused to share the same name and kept calling each other.

I had to grab some groceries at Tesco after bowling. Poor Adam was soooooo tired...


Anonymous mott said...

I'm amazed Adam can fit into the shopping cart! He's such a cutie!

10:21 am  
Anonymous twin said...

haven't been visiting lately. adam is so grown up now .. how old is he anyway.

6:14 pm  
Blogger Shireen K said...

adam is a extremely cutie pie makes me wanna pinch his cheeks

11:10 pm  
Blogger Min said...

mott, he's way too heavy for the cart but insists on sitting inside anyway.

twin, he's 3 1/2 now but the height of a 4-year-old.

shireen, Adam has that effect on people :D

11:57 pm  

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