Monday, August 01, 2005

The start of change...

I have started my quest to live healthier. I've been thinking of ways to get some exercise into my day and always had excuses. Tonight, it suddenly occured to me that I can swim after the kids are in bed! I will not fool myself by joining a gym 'coz I will end up paying a lot of money and not go. In fact, we are members of a club with a newly refurbished gym but we have not used the gym yet. Next, I'll have to go get a bathroom scale to monitor my progress. I'm not losing weight just to look good lah. Being from a family with history of diabetes and high blood pressure, I want to stay healthy and be around for a long time. After all, I want to learn to work a power drill, sew lots of quilts and learn dressmaking, play paint ball, learn hairdressing, go for some more bungee jumping, learn to make all sorts of nyonya dishes and grow up with my kids!


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