Friday, October 14, 2005


It's been a long day today. Started with preparation to make chang as a birthday treat for PT whose birthday is on Sunday. I thought I had everything but as it turned out, we were out of shallots and dried shrimps. So off to market to get those essential ingredients. When I got back, PT had already sent Laura to school. Adam insisted that I sat and read with him for a while. The children are growing so fast, sometimes one does have to drop everything to spend some time with them. All too soon, they won't want to hang out with the "old fogies".

Finally got down to making the chang.

We started a tradition of sorts in the family. It started with one Father's Day when Laura helped me prepare breakfast in bed for her papa. She was very thrilled as she got to lay out the tray and even added a nice touch with a flower in the tray for her papa. We walked into the room with the breakfast tray so PT can have breakfast in bed. Then on Mother's Day, PT and Laura did the same for me. Laura has already planned to prepare a "breakfast surprise" (that's what she calls breakfast in bed) for her papa on his birthday. Shhhh.... Don't tell PT :D

We will also be making a cake for him for his birthday. Now, I need to find time to do that! PT is not a big fan of sweet things and dessert but he is going to like this cake. Laura is wondering how we are going to make the cake without PT seeing it. She thinks that if he sees us baking the cake, it won't be a surprise anymore! Adam will be helping too. Oh boy, baking is going to be fun and messy!

Laura started helping me in the kitchen when she was about 2 years old. Very simple things like cracking an egg or mixing up the batter. Had to watch out for egg shell! Now, she has graduated to measuring the flour and sugar too. Adam helped with baking some Christmas cookies last year.
  • Ai Lian
  • blogged about creating lasting memories with mom when cooking and baking. I hope that is what is happening with my children.

    I crashed when putting the children to bed but woke up about 11pm. Aiya! Now I need to try to get back to bed. Let's see, what do I need to do tomorrow? Bake two cakes, follow up on some stuff with work, prepare the food for PT's birthday lunch on Saturday, go watch
  • Pygmalion
  • at night at the KLPAC at night. Find time to spend with the kids too! Alright, better get to bed then.



    Blogger Adriene said...

    how nice! i also have memories of helping my mom bake in the kitchen. she was a home science teacher u see.

    i helped her crack the eggs, whisk it. also to sift the floor, cut the tracing paper, line the paper with butter. it was fun. i love her cupcakes best, and also the corner edges of the cake coz i like the "crusty" cake skin.

    12:40 pm  
    Blogger Min said...

    Hi Adriene, I hope your mom was more fun as a Domestic Science teacher than mine was. For 3 years, I had a DS teacher who was very strict which put me off cooking and sewing, one who wasn't very interested so wasn't very interesting and another whom I thought didn't know what she was doing. I was not inspired!

    2:21 pm  
    Blogger Lian said...

    Karina likes to do the mixing and the pouring. And then she likes to do the licking too. But I'm not sure if that's a good idea coz' the batter has raw eggs right?
    Well, good luck woman with the kiddos and the baking.

    9:29 pm  

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