Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Am I turning into my mother??!

I've blogged previously about the love-hate relationship I had with my mother. Now that I have my own children, my biggest fear is I am turning into my mother. I love both my children so much and I want only the best for the both of them. However, my daughter seems to be able to bring the worst out in me. Time and again my patience is tested. Do not get me wrong. Laura is a beautiful child - very bright, sensitive and oh so chatty. She also likes to whine and can be very stubborn. An example will be what happened today.

On the way to school, I took Laura to get some passport size photos to get her passport renewed. She was chirpy and chatty from the time we left the house. Then we bumped into a classmate and her mom. Laura's classmate's mom offered to drive Laura to school to save me a trip but Laura's bag was in the car which was parked a distance away from where we were. I explained that it'll be easier for me to drive her since my office is nearby. After a bit of small talk, we left to get the photos taken. As we're leaving the photo studio, Laura asked why she can't go with her classmate. I explained why. She pleaded and again I explained why. Next, she begged and whined which got on my nerves. I kept my cool and explained again, but in a "I do not want to discuss this further" tone. She was alright on the way to school until we were about 20m from the school gate. I yawned and said, "Oh, I'm tired". That was when Laura said, "I'm sleepy. I do not want to go to school". When I turned into the school gate, she started crying and refused to get down! Made my blood boil!

Laura is known to whine and cry over trivial matters. She screams and cries in the middle of the night if I am not lying next to her. She is especially whiney if she's tired. I am sick of all that. I am sick of being the ogre who scream and shout. I am tired of being the disciplinarian. I have tried walking away when I am angry to deal with the situation when I have calmed down but that is not meant to be with Laura. If I walk away, she cries even louder and clings onto my legs like in the Bollywood movies. Aiyo!


Blogger Eternity said...

hi min. hope you don't mind but i tagged you to write a meme on childhood memories at my blog. hope you can pass it on.

2:24 pm  
Blogger Min said...

Hi Eternity, I don't mind at all. What a great idea! Now must think who to tag :o)

2:39 pm  
Blogger Lian said...

Hi Min,
I think it's quite funny you chose to write about how kids can make our blood boil. So happen I wrote something on anger management as well. I know what you mean about being "sick of it". Anyway, the coincidence just got me wondering if there was a full moon when we wrote our blogs -- Mommy werewolves on the prowl these days?

3:46 pm  
Blogger Min said...

Ai Lian, I must admit that I get annoyed faster when it's THAT time of the month. I wonder if it's true with most moms.

10:21 pm  

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