Saturday, September 03, 2005

A not-so-"NICE" bus company

Just a short while ago, I went online to find some information from a bus company about their schedule as well as fares. I went through the motion of filling in the field destination from and destination to only to get "No Online Fare and Schedule available for the specified route. Please contact our respective sales counter for the current trip and fare details". So, I tried calling the phone number listed on the website. First attempt, engaged. Second attempt, engaged. After about 4 attempts, I finally got through. The phone rang and rang and rang and rang and rang.... No one pick up the phone. This is on the website: "Phone reservations now available through 03-22721586 on weekdays from 8:30am to 5:30pm. Please note that there is an advance period of 2 days for phone reservations." So I tried again and the phone rang and rang and rang and rang.... By this time, I was getting quite fed-up. So I clicked on the link that says, "Contact us. Have you any feedback that may allow us to serve you better? Kindly complete this online form and send it to us at your earliest convenience! Your feedback is much appreciated." to provide some feedback. I filled in my name, email address and what I had to say which wasn't nice. The final insult was when I clicked on the "submit" button. The message I typed would not go through! Does anything work on this website? Is there anyone working in the office? Do the buses work???

My family and I have used this bus service before several times. The few times we have used the service, we have not been impressed. In fact, we have previously filed complaint against the company for poor maintenance of the buses. On one of the trips to Singapore (on their premium bus), the air cond broke down not long after we left the station. We were sitting in sweltering heat until we arrived in the JB check point before we were transferred to another bus. After the complaint they reimbursed us with free tickets. On another occasion, we waited for the bus at one of the terminals but the bus never turned up. We had to buy another ticket to catch another bus. We filed a complaint and got some more free tickets. Don't this company get it? It is not the free tickets we want. We want efficient service. When we purchased tickets for the bus service, we expect service. Even more so when we pay more for premium bus service!

I have made up my mind never to use this bus service again. I am surprised they are still in business!


Blogger Twin said...

well .. i must say some of the services here are really POOR. Fed-up at times.

Btw, your kids sharing the same bday? I saw the earlier post that you did. Its nice.

And don't be too hard on yourself. Cheer up.

I remember reading Parenthood/Mother and Baby magazine sometime last year or so. And I think I saw your interview. That's why I was wondering .. your name sounded familiar and when I saw your pics that Lia posted, I recognised you. Adam is so big now compared to the last time I saw him in the magazine. Think that time he was bout 2 months old. :)


3:41 pm  
Blogger Lian said...

Isn't this how it is with most services in Malaysia? The have a website where you can enquire but you never get a reply. They have a phone number posted but nobody picks up. So much for IT and technology. These people's attitude on service is still in the ice age. You are right Min, they just don't get it!

4:04 pm  

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