Thursday, December 15, 2005

A must watch!

This holiday season, go watch this fabulous movie! This is a movie I have waited more than a year to see. I do not know what were the hiccups which hindered the release of "Baik Punya Cilok" earlier but it doesn't matter 'coz the movie will be opening on 22 December.

Afdlin Shauki, Hans Isaac, AC Mizal and Awie play 4 buddies in this buddy movie, each with their little idiosyncrasies. Awie played Bob, my favourite character. He is a beefcake bouncer who likes to read romance novels. Each time he spoke, he is spewing pantun or some peribahasa, most times in the most inappropriate moments. The movie had me howling with laughter! Patrick plays a blind loanshark who cheated Wak (played by AC Mizal) of his grandmother's brooch. His buddies help him get back the brooch but get themselves in more trouble than they anticipated. Harith Iskander plays a supporting role of a police inspector who gets amnesia in mid-sentence. Hilarious!

Now go watch it for yourself! Have a great Christmas laughing your socks off!


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