Thursday, March 16, 2006

Taman Tasik Perdana

On Monday, I thought the kids could do with a day out in the park, so we went to the Lake Gardens. It was cloudy when we left the house and as we approached the Lake Gardens, the ground was wet. It must have poured minutes before we arrived! If I had said we were going home then, Laura and Adam would have been soooooooo disappointed. So we went ahead to the park.

First stop was the playground of course! Laura and Adam refer to the Lake Gardens as the "dinosaur park" 'coz there are several dinosaur hedges near the playground. You can see the tail of a triceratop near the gingerbread men.

The playground area is well kept and some of the equipment are new as they weren't there when we last visited a few months ago.

The playground was wet but the rubber flooring kept the ground from being slushy. Adam found out very quickly that the slides were wet too. He slid down one slide and gave me such a look. Then he blurted, "Mama, my shorts are wet". Didn't stop him from playing some more. At about the same time, I heard "Eeek! My shorts are wet!". That was my drama queen, Laura.

We brought some bread to feed the fishes, tortoises and ducks in the pond. Laura and Adam were thrilled to see so many fish and tortoises!

As soon as a piece of bread was thrown into the pond, lots of fishes came up to feed. The tortoises started swimming towards the bread.

At first we didn't see the ducks. The kids were getting disappointed. Then we saw these two ducks waddle out from the bushes.

Laura and Adam did a good job of feeding the animals and themselves with the bread.

Unfortunately, as with most public places in Malaysia, there was a lack of maintenance. Just below the bridge where we were standing to feed the fishes was a pile of rubbish. Why do people throw rubbish into the pond when there are rubbish bins around? Why hasn't the rubbish been cleared from the pond? The styrofoam box and plastic bottles didn't look like they were just thrown in that day.

We had packed a picnic for our dinner. Just as I got the kids' hands cleaned to give them their dinner, the sky opened up and poured! We all ran into the car and we picnicked in the car! Adam was full of questions, "Why are we eating in the car?", "Why is it raining outside?", "Why we cannot go and play again after dinner?", "Why you didn't buckle my seat belt?", "Why the car not moving?",....

We had so much fun on Monday, we're going back tomorrow. This time we're planning to spend a whole day in the area. First to the playground, then have a picnic brunch and then we shall take the tram to visit the Butterfly Park, Deer Park, Orchid Garden, Spice Garden, etc, etc.


Blogger Princess Yoyo & family said...

so much fun!! i believe your kids had an interesting time that day although they got WET ^^

1:24 pm  
Blogger Min said...

It is a fun park. Things didn't go as planned today. We left earlier for the park but it was so hot and Adam was sleepy, we diverted elsewhere. When he finally woke up, we left for the park. On the way there, it started to drizzle. I don't know who were more disappointed, the kids or me. We sat in the car a little while hoping the rain will stop. Instead, it rained even heavier so we went home.

We plan to go tomorrow morning!

6:23 pm  
Blogger ninuk said...

tak pe ... yg penting together getherness kan.

7:40 am  
Blogger Siao Cha Bor said...

i sometimes bring my baby to lake gardens also. they have done a good job in giving a face lift to the place.

the weekends are good for me coz can steal glances at cute guys ma...grinnnz*

8:55 am  
Blogger Min said...

SCB, must call you sifu. Can keep an eye on your baby at the playground and still spot cute guys!

Ya lor, Ninuk, at least together kan?

3:48 pm  
Anonymous maria @ twinsmom said...

oh... the rubbish what a spoiler!!!

We been there once, and the girls came back with lot of mozz. bites *sigh*... nex ttime go have to apply mozz repellent.

4:34 pm  
Blogger Lian said...

Looks good. Will do that the next school holidays. The Petrosains was pretty fun for the kids. They would have played more if they weren't hungry.

3:26 pm  

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