Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tak jadi

It's 1.00am. PT's birthday cake tak jadi. Not that it didn't come out alright but I couldn't find the time to make the cake. Tomorrow we're expecting about 15 pax for lunch. I'm making popiah, so there's quite a bit to prepare. Also making a fried noodle (birthday/longevity noodle). Got to make sure PT is around for a long, long time, isn't it? We went out to see a performance at the KLPAC tonight. It was a long performance, so we didn't get home until midnight. No time to make a cake lah. Sorry la, my darling. Have to get you one from the shop tomorrow. I think the one who will be most disappointed will be Laura 'coz she's been looking forward to making a cake for her papa. We made part of the cake. A brownie which was one of the layers. At least there is dessert lah.

OK, goodnight all! Yes, looks like I'll be blogging about food again tomorrow. Will blog about how the popiah and noodle turned out.


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