Friday, April 21, 2006

Lone Pine

It's no joke trying to juggle work, taking care of the home which involves making sure the larder and fridge are well stocked, bills are paid on time, getting kid home from school, spending time with kids, house guests, finding quality time with husband and squeezing in some quality time with myself. Some days I feel like I'm doing too much but not achieving much. Yup, feeling the blah again. OK, snap out of it!

Recently, we managed to squeeze a few days to get away with the children. Four lovely days spent with the children, all attention on them. No need to look at the time, eat when hungry and sleep when tired.

Laura, who used to dislike getting her face wet, can now swim about in the grown-up pool. The Lone Pine pool is 4ft deep all around.

We visit Lone Pine Hotel in Penang at least twice a year. We were at the Lone Pine when I was 7 months pregnant with Laura. Our last getaway when we needed to pack only for ourselves. How different it was packing for a holiday when Laura came along. Checking if we have enough diapers to last the whole holiday, pack enough clothes in case she spit up or dirty her clothes when eating, more clothes for myself in case my clothes got soiled, pack baby food, washcloth, baby soap, shampoo, etc. The staff at Lone Pine have seen Laura grow up.

We were there again when I was 7 months pregnant with Adam. I was glad to be floating about in the pool when heavily pregnant with Adam. Laura tried to climb up my belly 'coz she had seen Mowgli do the same to Baloo!

We brought Adam's bicycle with us. The moment he opened his eyes in the morning, Adam wanted to get on the bicycle. He cycled from our room to the coffee house for breakfast. He cycled some more after breakfast and when we got back from the beach. He cycled as soon as we got out of the pool and after his nap. I've not seen anyone enjoy cycling so much.


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