Sunday, January 07, 2007

Twilight Zone

Something strange is happening to the appliances and equipment at my home. Usually, I will finish decorating a cake at night (after my children are in bed), then I will take photos of the cake before the customer comes to collect the cake. First my new camera went cuckoo on me a couple of weeks ago after having had it for less than a week. This morning, I just couldn't get my old camera to work! It won't even switch on. My customer had arrived to pick up the cake and was in a hurry! Thank goodness for the phone camera. Better to have grainy photos than no photo at all.

Next to upload photos onto my Mama Min site. Every photo uploaded was blank. What is happening? So I thought I'll use PhotoBucket to upload. I managed to get to the site but for the life of me, the photos would not load! Aaaargh!!

Then I wanted to make some juice. The moment the juicer was switched on, it sounded like a steam engine was trundling by! The juicer rattled so much, it looked like it was going to shake off the kitchen counter. It worked just fine yesterday.

What is happening??!

If you're wondering why there isn't any train on the cake, that's because the Thomas die-cast train was still in its packaging. My customer can place the cake wherever she sees fit.

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Blogger Inner-Me said...

woah! sounds scary... it's not the 7th month right... hehe

maybe the equipments are trying to tell you they need a BREAK!

6:16 pm  
Blogger Min said...

So strange lah... I've just backed up all data on my phone into my pc, just in case my handphone decides to conk out!

12:59 am  
Anonymous Esther said...

I am having the same problem.. First my microwave digital control is out, sent for repair n yet not repaired by Panasonic (it's already 2 months). Now it's my rice cooker turn to play tricks with me. Aargh..

5:20 pm  

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