Sunday, February 25, 2007

Changing phone

I'm thinking of changing my handphone. The one I have has served me well for two years. It has all the features I need in a phone. But again, there is always aspiration for something better. My phone is still in a good condition although recently showing signs of wear and tear. I recently cracked the screen (housing only) when I accidentally hit the screen with my ring. A good excuse to change the phone and so the search begins. I searched online for THE phone to get.

What I will like in a phone:

1. Keypad which is easy to use, especially for sms.

2. A good camera and video camera for that Kodak moment with my kids when I do not have my digital camera with me.

3. An inbuilt MP3 player so I can listen to music when I'm doing cardio exercises by myself in the gym. Going on the threadmill for 20 minutes is super boring! I would rather go for a walk outside. All that walking and not going anywhere *yawn*

and I have narrowed down my search:

Nokia 6288
Sony Ericsson W810i

The Sony Ericsson seems to have better camera features and also it's a Sony ma, so definitely better music features. However, I've been using Nokia phones recently and they are so user-friendly. Many years ago, I had an Ericsson phone which drove me bananas. Looking at the two, I'm partial to the SE which costs less and has more features. However, I am partial to the user-friendly features of Nokia phones.

So.... how ah? Nokia or Sony Ericsson???



Anonymous mr^abs said...

i do believe SE is d best option.....d style,d's just perfect...i do not have one, but have lots of frens who turn from "Nokia" to "SE"


7:27 pm  
Anonymous myrina said...

min!!!! mission kita same lahhh bulan niee ... i pun dlm dilemma nak tukar handphone n citarasa n krietria kita pun sama on the hp+walkman so i too did some browsing n surveying n comeup with that sony n nokia model ... yettt stilll dlm dilema to change to not too???????

3:12 pm  
Blogger Min said...

mr^abs, I like your nick! Nokia phones design arent's very good lately. Looks rather clumsy compared to other phones.

Yeah lah, myrina. Still in a dilemma. I'll probably have to go to a phone shop to look at the phones up close. Takut become more confused lagi! I've talked to a friend who has the SE model I'm looking at. She raves about it, so maybe I'll get that. Tapi ah... That phone was out 1stQ 2006, so considered old model already... That also means can get value for money kan? Thinking thinking thinking...

3:30 pm  
Anonymous Bill Teoh said...

Min, go for the SE if you want better camera resolution. It's not that unfriendly after you settled in with it. I too had 1 before my subsequent Nokias and now a Samsung. Nokia will fall flat on you exactly 2 years on and 1 day on the dot. Bill, Singapore.

4:14 pm  
Anonymous Charles Thean said...

Hi Min! Charles Thean here! Anyway my personal opinion is to get Sony coz value for money $ & better trade in value! Though not as " user-friendly features of Nokia phones.", once u get the hang of it you'll definatly enjoy the phone! A good referance local web site is . It has both the ori pricing guidleline! See ya!

6:28 am  
Anonymous shiryen said...

Min.. trust me.. go for Sony Ericsson! you will be impressed with the camera and you will get used to the interface.

1:48 pm  
Blogger Min said...

I've just gone to check out the phones, handle them, touch them, feel them. Checked out Nokia 6300 as well. Somehow, Nokia designs don't impress me. I'm liking the SE W810i more and more. The dealer is willing to give me a good trade-in price for my old phone too :D

Still thinking... Still thinking... I know, I'm not quick in making decisions like these. The same goes for buying handbags. So far, when I've taken my time to decide, I've been happy with what I've chosen.

3:29 pm  
Blogger babe_kl said...

min, i'm using W800i... the music quality and pictures are simply the best. you can see most of my review pics are taken with my SE

i've turned to SE for many years and never looked back. even hubby switched to SE after a horrendous time with No (read in English) Kia (read in Hokkien) Communicator some time back.

once you get used to its features, you'll never look back

4:05 pm  
Blogger Vincent said...

i am voting SE. btw, how come motorolas are not in your dish preference? he he he

4:07 pm  
Blogger Min said...

Thanks, babe for the input.

Vincent, I've had a Motorola phone once many many years ago. One time experience with a Motorola phone is enough to last a lifetime! I disliked my Motorola so much, I wasn't even tempted to get one when the new models came out.

5:53 pm  
Blogger ~ mrs lam ~ said...

SE will be a better choice... don't be surprised that it is as user friendly as NOKIA... i hv been using SE K750I for the past 2 years... if i wanna change a new one, it will still be SE... love their walkman + camera features

8:26 am  

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