Sunday, October 23, 2005

An interesting day

We have a house guest with us these few days. Sara is visiting from the US. She's been backpacking the last 6 weeks around Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and now she's here in Malaysia. She has had a few interesting days with us. Today, we went together to Masjid India to see the sights in that place before Deepavali and Hari Raya. Man, it was crowded!

We took the LRT up to the Masjid Jamek station to walk over to Masjid India. Immediately, we were greeted by stalls by the side of the river selling costume jewelry, fake branded handbags, clothes and handphone covers. There was even a stall with a laptop set up to sell songs, games and ringtone downloads! Wow!

We walked on to the shops towards Semua House, passing by more stalls. There were so many people around, we had to squeeze through the crowd. Then we came to a lady who was painting with henna. Sara got both her hands painted. They look really nice with the intricate artwork. I bought a small tube to try on my kids. Now both of them have semi-permanent henna tattoos on their right arm. When painting Adam's arm, the henna got stuck and I couldn't squeeze any out. Suddenly, squuuuuirt! Yikes! My sofa! Thank goodness for covers that can be removed.

We went to Chinatown after that. After a while of seeing handbags, fake watches, DVDs and clothes, it got a little boring. I wanted to show Sara the side streets where the dried goods traders were, the crockery shops, the bakeries, etc. It's Sunday, so they were not open. Chinatown was a bit of a waste of time. We had really nice roti canai with curry dhall there though. Sara was impressed. Hahaha!

It's been a while since I've walked around like this. It was great! The last time I did that was with my friend, Cynthia, when we walked around Georgetown. Oh, the sights and sound and taste we experienced. Wow! Wish I brought my camera...


Blogger ninuk said...

waaa very interesting day indeed and full of exercise huh ! this week can forego the gym session lah.

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