Thursday, October 20, 2005

Now that I've figured out how to transfer images...

These are a couple of photos I want to share. My 28-month-old son has discovered roti canai! He loves it!

Not just plain roti canai. Must dip in curry dhall for that extra zing ma.

He was enjoying the roti and curry so much, the waiters were all standing around to watch him eat. Our friend didn't notice lah. He continued tucking in the roti.

Both parents like food so much, it's only natural that our children like food too, don't you think?


Anonymous Kat said...

me and hubby love to eat but my girl is extremely fussy and unadventurous about food. my boy however is very adventurous - at 18mths he even likes tonyam and korean kimchi noodles! And he seems to like my neighbour's dhall. Must take him to try roti too. He and Adam can eat together-together!!

12:17 am  
Blogger Lian said...

My kids are no strangers to mamak stalls. Roti canai is an all time favorite with the kids. Unfortunately my daughter has learned the art of eating roti canai with sugar. Not healthy but it's mommy's fault as that is how I like to eat it. Heheheh.
By the way, I think the waiters always get a kick with the small kids. My Damus also somehow manage to attract a "fan club". They use to even carry him around the restaurant. Now tak boleh lah. He don't want.

12:54 pm  
Blogger Min said...

Kat, I think our sons like savoury food. It'll be nice for Keat, Adam and Damus to be pals. Damus can show them the best mamak in town :D

Oops, Ai Lian, I've also shown Laura how to eat roti with sugar. Nice ma.... I also eat chung with sugar. Hehehe...

1:27 pm  
Blogger Baby Smooches said...

what a coincidence! Brendan had his first taste of roti canai last month and he loves it. He too must dip it in dhal.
Eh, Min, I also like the yellow chung with sugar.

4:28 pm  
Blogger King's wife said...

roti canai, always a favourite. Cheap some more, can have double and no need to burn hole in pocket. My daughters used to love it with sugar but I discourage them. No good lah, so sweet. Now they are learning to eat with dhall.

Having said that, I am also guilty of chung with sugar :)

4:41 pm  
Anonymous Samm said...

Gordon never tried roti canai before. Now that you've reminded me, must take him there one day. And i love dhall too.

11:37 pm  

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