Monday, January 18, 2010

Update 18 Jan 2010

Since Facebook and Twitter, updating this blog is like repeating myself. That or when I have something to say, I'm not at the pc and when I'm at the pc, it's mostly been work.

I took a 2-month break from cakes. That doesn't mean I've been shaking legs and not doing much. Far from it! We moved from Landslideville aka Bukit Antarabangsa last month. I don't remember moving house being so stressful! If I can help it, I'm never moving again. We're back in PJ! Having been brought up in PJ and lived in PJ most of my life, I do miss PJ. There's always good energy and life here. I thought I'll miss the insect sound and the quiet of BA but I was wrong. It is pretty quiet here except for the occasional neighbour talking on the phone on top of their voice or sound of a band playing until 8 in the morning! No, sounds worse than it actually is. We have an awesome view from our garden. I love it here! :)

Last Saturday, a special wedding cake for bi-plane enthusiasts were to be delivered to PD. PT suggested bringing the kids along for a drive. It was a beautiful day. Even though we got in almost 6pm, it was still bright enough for the kids to play by the beach. I love this shot of the wedding cake, taken at dusk.

PT watching the kids play

What are Laura and Adam making? Scroll down....

Can't make snowman, make sandman! :D

It was a pleasant drive there and back but PD sure ain't known for food. The wedding was at The Avillion. We decided to have dinner there before heading home. PT and I were there a few months ago for a short break. The last time we were there, we didn't know what to eat when looking at the menu. It was the same this time. Took a long time to decide and when the food came... frankly, it was.... best eaten when really hungry.

The next day (Sunday), I was up at 6am to get a cake done for collection that afternoon. I miss creating so much, I worked 15 hours with short breaks for meals and toilet! I wouldn't exactly call it work though. It's something I enjoy doing so much, it felt more like play.

After working on cakes which were collected or to be collected, I wanted to try making tigers since it's going to be year of the tiger soon.

First one looked too forlorn. Second one was better but I'd obviously not added enough CMC (additive to make sugarpaste more pliable). The 2nd tiger became fatter and fatter and sank back. The third one was the best. I like cute face :)

I love to play!

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