Saturday, March 29, 2008

Worst pedicure ever!

To celebrate my loss of 12kg and Jazzmama's crossing her first hurdle towards being a road fiend, we decided to give ourselves a pamper session. I was in Jazzmama's neighbourhood so we went to a manicure place nearby. The place looked promising from the outside. Well, they used OPI products. Fab nail polish!

We walked in and the place was empty. Alarms in our head should have gone off but I figured it's a working day and it's still early afternoon. We were ushered to the pedicure station to get our feet soaked. Massage chair! Ooh.... Err, nobody showed us how to operate the chairs wor. For show only issit?

Soaked our feet and then the manicurists proceed to work on our feet. Next thing I know, my toenails were being painted. Hey, that was quick. Still a lot of dry skin on my feet leh. Jazzmama wanted to get a manicure done too so I sat with her for a while. As my toenails were drying, I could see that my heels still looked bad. I told the manicurist who very kindly said she'll work on my feet somemore but only after she's done with Jazzmama. I figured I need about 1.5 hours to get from Puchong back to KL to pick my daughter up from school, so ok I'll wait. When the manicurist worked on my feet again, I noticed she didn't really know what to do and boy does she have beautiful nails.

My feet are the same as they were when I left this morning. Yes, my toes are prettier and cleaner but my feet still have loads of dry skin. I am so disappointed. What I've learned? Do not go to a salon where the manicurists have perfect looking nails. They don't spend enough time working on nails! Where is this place? N Nails in Puchong (the shops opposite Giant supermarket). DON'T GO THERE!!!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The big 4 0

I turn 40 today. Celebrated my birthday with a bang with close friends and family last Saturday. What am I doing on the day I turn 40? I promise myself to train to run 21km and here's the blog to chart my progress.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Harry Connick Jr "My New Orleans Tour"

I was at the Harry Connick Jr concert tonight. It was FUCKING AWESOME!!! Best part is, I won the tickets in a contest! I read in the Sunday Times of a contest by Dockers to win 2 x RM300 tickets to watch HCJ in concert. I am no good with writing out contest form, getting an envelope, stick a stamp on the envelope and actually getting to a post box to post the contest form. This contest said to email in the answer. I thought I can do that! So, that was what I did :D

Last Wednesday, I got a call to say I've won the tickets!!! WOOOT! PT wasn't in town, so I brought along my girlfriend, Lia, who needed a night out. We bopped and wiggled in our seats and tapped our feet, all the while wondering why nobody else was doing that. I guess the concert being in the Dewan Filharmonik, most people there think they have to behave a certain way. Man, HCJ and his Big Band were playing such good music to groove to, it was difficult keeping still. I was quite tempted to jump out to the aisle to dance!

HCJ had a great sense of humour and a certain charm about him that says he'll be great at parties. He will fit right in with us at our parties at home. The boys in the band loved their music and it was obvious watching them play. I love watching musicians who love what they do play. Their passion is felt by the audience. What an experience!

I am a HCJ fan now. Even bought his new album "Oh My NOLA" at the venue.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Inspiring talk by Dr Randy Pausch

This is dying Dr Randy Pausch's last lecture which was featured in the Oprah Winfrey's show about Death. If you watch this and did not feel something, check that your heart is still beating and you still have a pulse!

And the full lecture at Carnegie Mellon University:

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Sunday, March 02, 2008


As I am approaching my 40th birthday, strange things are happening to my eyes. If I choose not to wear my contact lens, I spend a big chunk of my day looking for my glasses.

"Now let me recall. The last time I wore my glasses was when I was watching TV. But my glasses aren't near the TV! I went into my room just now. Not there. Ok, I used the pc a short while ago. Nope, not there either. Wait a minute, I was referring to a cake book earlier. A-ha! My glasses at the bookshelf."

You see, I can see quite well with my glasses for distance but once I reach for a book with my glasses still on, it's a different story. My eyes strain to focus. The words become blur and if I pull the book closer, the words become more blurred. Take off my glasses and yes, I can read ok or thread a needle or fix a small part that has broken off a toy. I don't understand why some manufacturers have become so inconsiderate as to print their labels so small. To save cost so no need big packaging, is it?

Is there a change in the brightness and voltage indication? I swear some lights aren't quite as bright as they used to be. Why is it I can't see small words in some light when I used to be able to read by candle light?

Ok, I shall stop being in denial. I will need to get brighter bulbs and longer arms so I can read properly.