Friday, April 11, 2008

"We Will Rock You" musical

I first read about the Queen musical We Will Rock You soon after Mig Ayesa moved to London with his wife, Simone. Mig and I worked briefly together in a musical several years ago. I was his dresser in Fame: The Musical. Fame was pretty lame but Mig shone in that. The musicians from Fame and Mig jammed at No Black Tie one night. What a night that was! It was very obvious to me that night Mig was destined for bigger and better things. True enough, not long after the Asian Tour of Fame, Mig left for London and then LA. The rest is history...

It is such a treat that Mig who was the original Galileo is going to be in the production in Singapore. I am very tempted to watch We Will Rock You in Singapore. The Queen fan in me is saying "GO!" but the practical me is saying "WTF! Spend so much money on one concert ah??" I don't have much time to make that decision...

Read the review.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mama Min cupcakes on Martha Stewart show!!

I am sooooooooo thrilled!

Martha Stewart had a "Cutest Cupcake Contest" on her website this week, so Mama Min submitted photos of "Koi" and "Garden" on the site. Even though the results for "Cutest Cupcake" isn't out yet, Mama Min "Koi" cupcakes has made it to the Martha Stewart show!

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Original post here

To view the episode with Mama Min's cupcakes, go here. Click on the THURSDAY, April 03 tab and on play entire show.

The "Koi" cupcake photo was picked out of 1,200 photos submitted (as of the 3 April episode). At the close of the Cutest Cupcake contest, there were 2,051 submissions! I wonder when the 10 cutest cupcakes results will be out.

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