Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Taking Safety For Granted

I was running errands a few days ago when I realized I'd put my family in danger without realizing it. In my car was everything a person with bad intentions needed to get into my home - house keys, keycard to get into my condo compound and a letter addressed to a former tenant which I was going to drop off at the post box to return to sender. Someone could have broken into my car and drove to my home, calmly opened the door to take whatever they wanted! If the guards see my car driving in, they'll probably think it was PT or me without really looking. Scary thought!


Thursday, May 01, 2008

In need of positive vibes

I feel like I'm drowning in negativity. All around there are complaints, bad news like rise in food costs, my daughter having to face tyrannical teachers and all homeworked out. The good thing is Laura is rising above the pressure and doing pretty well. She's not pressured, only reminded to try her best. Then she'll know she's done her best and not kick herself for thinking if only...

There are a million thoughts running in my head now. If it wasn't 1.30am now, I would probably have geared up and gone running or head to the gym.

Ok, I'm rambling.... Head off to bed now and tomorrow will be another day, a new beginning.