Thursday, February 19, 2009

9 Questions Tag

It's been a long time since I've done a tag on my blog. This is a fun one from Lian.

1. Have you ever been on TV?
Yes. I was interviewed for quilting crafts I had made. Showed off baby quilts, hand-sewn checkers set and patchwork t-shirts, like these:

2. Have you ever sung in public?
Yes, a couple of times. First time was for charity at a Buddhist function. My bro and a friend played the guitar and I sang Buddhist hymns. Another time was an experience I'll rather forget. I had to wear ill-fitting costumes and a ridiculous wig. All that was supposed to be in the fashion of the 60's, but when I saw my own shadow on the way to stage, I looked more like the "Ladies" toilet sign!

3. Have you ever dyed your hair blond?
Now why would I want to do that?

4. Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?
Tried rice porridge made with 田 鸡 (literally translated "farm chicken"). These are HUGE frogs. I didn't like the texture and felt geli when I ate it.

5. Have you ever received a present that you really hated?
No, never received any present I hated. Maybe there were a couple which got me wondering why...

6. Have you ever walked into a lamp post?
Almost did a couple of times but realized before actually walking into the lamp post.

7. Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people?
Not by myself. Usually with help from my helper. Every Chinese New Year eve for about 20 pax.

8. Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?
Oh yes! I was 17 and I was the Coy Leader of Girl Guides in school. One evening, on my way home I lost control of my bike on the slope going down and I landed on my face right in front of the school gate. The afternoon session had just finished school then and they saw me falling flat on my face. I had fat lips and a chipped tooth from that fall. I think I was more embarrassed than in pain initially after the fall.

9. Have you ever done volunteer work?
Yes but I'll like to do more.

So, who shall I tag now? Who needs to have a some fun injected into their blog?
1. kat
2. Uncle Lee
3. Babelicous Abby
4. Coffeesncookies


Monday, February 16, 2009

Standing egg

Several times in a year, one can stand an egg up vertically and it'll stay put. My friend, James, sent me an sms on 10 Feb to let me know that day was one of those days. When I was a kid, my mother used to tell us that could be done. However, she'll read about that in the newspaper, forgot about it and then remember again when the time has passed.

On 10 Feb, I was out and about when James sent the sms and made a mental note to try when I got back. I forgot until James sent a photo by MMS. So I tried and viola!

That was precisely at 3.00pm. The next egg I tried didn't stand anymore. Laura and I tried and tried with different eggs. Nope, couldn't stand up those eggs. Guess 3pm was the cut off time!