Friday, June 29, 2007

How vain are you?

I took some time off while waiting for a cake to bake in the oven to read a friend's blog. Thought I'll take the vanity test for fun. Been some time since I've taken such quizzes and tests which are abundant in magazines. Well, here's what I scored.

You Are 35% Vain

Okay, so you're slightly vain from time to time, but you're not superficial at all.
You are realistic. You know that looks matter. You just try to make them matter less.

It's true. I am vain. More so now that I'm approaching 40, knowing that my body needs all the help it can get. However, not so much that I will consider plastic surgery to stop time. I am happy with the way I look now and I have many examples of women who have aged well. I can't remember who said this, "In your 20's you're born with your looks you have. When in your 50's, you have the looks you deserve". I paraphrase but I think I got my point across.

As I age, I hope my face will reflect laugh lines, a kind and approachable face and my body stays agile enough for me to keep active.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Birthday Party

Laura and Adam look forward to their birthday party every year. Since we moved here, their birthday parties have been held by the pool. Great venue as the children keep themselves occupied. That Laura and Adam have a fun uncle (my brother, Chun) who love playing with the kids in the pool definitely helps.

Laura requested for a toadstool cake with fairies. Fairies were made with little Polly Pockets attached with marshmallow wings. Adam wanted a dinosaur cake. Both of them helped with making the cake - Adam cracked the eggs, Laura sifted the flour mixture, Adam measured the milk and Laura squeezed the orange juice. Then they decide where they want to place the fairies and the dinosaurs just before the cakes are brought out.

Time flew by at the party. Everyone had fun by the pool. Some of our friends stayed and the party continued in our house. Laura even brought some of her friends into her room, switched off all the lights, flashed a torchlight about and put up some music. They had a party in a club like atmosphere! Now where did she learn that?

Thank you to all the friends and family who came to the party. Thank you so much for making Laura and Adam's birthdays special.


Friday, June 08, 2007


Laura wanted to send a photo to Playhouse Disney Channel to be in their Birthday Book. Unfortunately, I just found out today that photos had to be posted to them two months before their birthday. So I thought I'll make a "birthday book" for them on this blog.

Laura Wei-Lyn Teoh turns 7 on 12 June. Laura was a name chosen by PT 'coz he liked the sound of the name. My first choice was Vanessa but I also liked Laura, so agreed to name our little girl that. The name chosen must pass the "Playground Test". What is that? Try the name out in a playground and if it can be heard loud and clear, it has passed the "Playground Test". A name which fails a playground test is my own name, Hui Min. Lyn is a name shared by all of PT's daughters. As Laura was born in the year of the dragon, she needed a Chinese name with certain radicals like gold, jade, whiteness, redness, man, fish and wine. Wei-Lyn has the necessary radicals and means "precious little one" and she is indeed very precious to us.

This is Laura when she celebrated her 2nd birthday. This was the start of several birthday traditions:
  • Homemade birthday cake. The cake for her 2nd birthday was baked by me but decorated by our friend, Junji, 'coz I didn't know how to decorate cakes then.
  • Candies on the cake so kids can pick off the candies to be eaten after the candles has been blown out.
  • Poolside parties. Kids have fun in the pool and keep themselves occupied for hours!

This is my Michelin man. No, not the big one, the little one in the float :D Photo of Adam Kian-Eng Teoh taken when he was 6 months old. Adam will be 4 years old on 16 June. Adam's name was chosen by committee. Both PT and I were cracking our heads thinking of a strong name when we found out I was expecting a boy. We wanted a name which cannot be abbreviated unlike Benjamin, Gregory or Jonathan. When the name Adam was suggested, it felt really right. Can you imagine Adam being called any other name? Eng is also a generation name in the Teoh family. Since he was born in the year of the goat, Adam's name will need radicals like grain and grass and to stay away from radicals like metal. Kian-Eng is Hokkien which means "building honour/glory".
My babies, how fast you have grown! From tiny little bubs who needed to be fed every two hours to independent children. I'm so glad you both still need cuddles from your Mama and Papa. I hope you will always come to us for cuddles. I love you so much, my Buhbees!