Sunday, January 20, 2008

Laura and Adam conquer the slopes!

Laura has not been able to join us at the playground the times we've been there as she was in school. This morning she got her chance to ride the slopes.

I got some flak from friends and family for allowing Adam to ride without a helmet on. I hear you! Now kids are reminded, "No helmet, no cycling"

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Adam The Thrill Seeker

Adam started riding without training wheels about 6 months ago. I brought him to a small playground recently which had some slopes and such. Boy, was he thrilled! I was afraid he'll hurt himself at first but realized that I will not be able to stop him from trying. Instead of getting myself stressed out stopping him and both of us ending up not having any fun at the playground, I thought I'll let him try. At least he will learn how to control the bike better and if he falls, I am there to help him up.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Update at last!

It's been so long since I've updated my poor neglected blog. I have so much to blog about as a lot has happened in 2007! Just can't seem to find the time.

For one, I have been busy with going to the gym 3 times a week since February 2007, working with personal trainer, Joe Christin from Celebrity Fitness. Working out and revamping my daily diet has transformed me from this "BLUB"
Photo taken Dec 2006

to this!
Photo from Oct 2007 issue of Shape magazine (Malaysian edition)

I am a reformed couch potato now who actually likes to exercise. My daily schedule has changed which doesn't give me any time for gym now. Believe it or not, I miss feeling muscle soreness after a good workout. So, I have taken up running instead. I blogged about joining the Kiwanis Fun Run last year. (I used the "Blubber" photo on that post too lol That's my reminder photo. Never to let myself get to that stage again!)

I've just checked the Pacesetters Athletic Club's website for their events schedule. I have targeted a few events I want to join, starting with the Bidor Half Marathon in April 2008. 21km! That is going to be quite a challenge as I can't even run the entire 3km yet. With training and perseverance, I'm sure I will be able to. These are the other events I have my eyes on:

New Balance Pacesetters 15km at Padang Merbuk on 18 May. I joined the Kiwanis Fun Run which was organized together with this event last year. From what I see, the 15km run is very well organized. Participants had ample bananas, watermelon, water and isotonic drinks before the race. Then after, there were mountains of food for those who want to fuel up. New Balance was there to offer 30% discount on shoes too! There was a festive mood and the runners were very friendly. Lots of happy hormones after 15km of running!

Inaugural Lion City Marathon in Singapore on 29 June. Going to do the half marathon (21.1km). Will aim for full marathon in 2009 :D Their website is impressive. Those Singaporeans look like they know what they're doing.

Mizuno Wave Run, Padang Merbuk KL on 13 July. No info on this yet but since it's organized by Pacesetters, I have my confidence in them :D But if marathon... err I'll pass! lol

Adidas King of the Road 21km, Sunway Pyramid on 3 Aug. This was held last year also. Will try that.

The calendar was up to Aug only, so that's the plan for now. I know the Singapore Marathon is in Dec. Maybe by then I'll be fit enough to run a full marathon! I shall sleep on that and dream for a bit. It's one run a month from April 2008. If that doesn't keep the excess weight off, nothing will!

Is this my New Year resolution? I have tried setting new year resolutions in the past and I usually forget what resolutions I made before the end of January. I will not call this my resolutions but challenges I have given myself.

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