Friday, August 29, 2008

Merdeka 2008

My family have been in Malaysia for many generations. Not sure exactly but we're talking about 5th or 6th generation. We are of Chinese descent (as far as I know but I've been told I don't look Chinese) but have no link in China anymore. Our country is going to celebrate its 51st year of independence on Sunday.

When I picked Adam up from school, he was waving a flag he made in school. Yesterday, Laura came home with a handicraft she made in school. An astronaut with a Malaysian flag to be attached to a pencil. I want to start a family tradition for Merdeka day. I want my children to be proud to be Malaysians. But for the life of me, I can't think what to do. Putting up a flag on my car doesn't make me more Malaysian than I already am. I get annoyed when I see the Malaysian flag getting dirty and torn a week after Merdeka. 31 August has come and gone and Malaysians are not patriotic enough to treat the flag with respect.

I welcome suggestions for something I can do with my family for Merdeka. Maybe have a Merdeka day picnic!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School hols Aug 2008

One week wasn't quite enough for the last school holidays. PT is still filming in Penang, in a Glen Goei movie called "The Funeral Party". To spend some time with PT, we went up to our favourite place in Penang, Lone Pine!

A few weeks ago, Adam decided he wasn't going to use a float to swim anymore. Made sure I was just a few kicks away and he was off kicking and swimming towards me. Now, he's graduated to jumping into the pool and swimming about.

Why do we love Lone Pine?

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We went over to the ParkRoyal to the water sports centre to try out the buggy and also jet ski. The sea was very rough that day and boy was it windy!

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This photo is very deceiving. Moments before, I was switching between trying to get the buggy to move and keeping it out of the sea! That it was high tide and the beach was on a slope made it very difficult to drive the buggy. Combined weight of the riders didn't help too! It was slightly easier with Laura and I only but even so... it was NOT EASY TO RIDE A BUGGY!

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We went from a seaside holiday to a hill resort holiday. My sister-in-law and I went to see Alan Tam in concert. The concert was very good. Kids had fun in the pool too!

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During this hols, we also discovered that Adam is quite the thrill seeker. Both PT and I love riding the roller coasters, so no prize for guessing where he got that streak from. Here is Adam sliding down the Awana pool slide.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Wedding Banquet

I've attended many wedding banquets, some family members' and some friends' and they usually involve hundreds of guests, most of whom the bride or groom have never met but they are distant relatives who should be invited to the wedding.

I've just come back from a wedding banquet of a friend of mine from primary school and it's the most fun banquet I've ever been to since a gay commitment ceremony I attended a few years ago. A small cosy banquet of 60 pax of closest family and friends. Angie and I were classmates in primary school. We lost touch over the years and somehow connected again a short while ago. The groom, Eric, is a fun person who complement Angie so well. Eric is a Scot who planned to wear a kilt on their wedding day. When Angie asked me to make their wedding cake, I was deeply honoured. Being the fun couple they are, they were planning on making a TD2000 kit car as their bridal car. I had to make the car part of the cake! Here's the result:

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There were 3 men in kilt tonight

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Eric and his brother, Ron and a friend from Australia! My guess is the Ozzie is of Scottish descent?

Thank you, Eric & Angie for a really fun evening. May you guys enjoy many happy years together. Thank you, Ron, for the whisky! :D