Monday, April 30, 2007

A little humour

I do wonder if this masseuse by Batu Feringghi beach in Penang gets a lot of business. I asked the beach boys who operates the water sports near there. Apparently not. Now, it doesn't take a genius to see why they don't get very much business.

I don't think Ali visits the beach often. And when he does, Ali may not be in the mood for massage.


Sunday, April 08, 2007


I was almost killed today - 5 fucking times! It has been most unbelieveable how many near misses I've had today. Most of the time when with my children in the car. Fortunately, I'm not someone who speeds. If I was, I wouldn't be here writing this post.

Early this morning, on the MRRII, without very much warning, the fast lane was blocked off for roadworks. I was in the fast lane, within the speed limit when suddenly I had to slow drastically down to cut into the middle lane. The fast lane was lined with cones and less 500m away, the fast lane was closed. Fucking hell!

Then when I was driving along Jalan Kuching, a small lorry swerved suddenly towards my car because a Metro bus had broken down and was parked across one lane. The lorry was inches away from my car! If I was someone who panicked easily, I would have swerved into the fast lane. Jalan Kuching was busy as usual, so imagine the carnage that would have caused.

Yes, I was driving a lot today, having to send the kids to gym and then took the kids out for a movie. On the MRRII towards Batu Caves, a blasted police car decides to slow down to almost a halt suddenly. I saw the car behind the police car jam his brakes and moved towards my lane so he will avoid hitting the police car. I had to jam my brakes too. Again, because I am a conscentious driver who has never believed in following cars in front closely, did not hit any car. And no car hit my back. I was hopping mad! How can a police car do something like that? It wasn't because the police wanted to stop someone. Didn't even use the indicator!

Then after the movie, I was driving home. I indicated a long way off 'coz I had exited from Jalan Damansara to join Jalan Tun Razak. I checked my rear view mirror and it was all clear. Just as I was going to join Jalan Tun Razak, a fucking driver in his 3-series BMW cuts in front of my on my right to turn left! TNMCH!! If he had crashed into my car then and killed all of us, I would have made sure I came back as a ghost to haunt the driver and his/her family.

And since I had to go out again in the evening, I was extra careful seeing that everyone seems to be driving like idiots dreaming they are F1 drivers or something. On MRRII near Bandar Sri Damansara, a satooopid cow who left her brain at home realised she had gone the wrong way, so she swerved in front of me from my right to change lane to go left. She had just missed hitting the sticks put up to prevent idiots like her from killing herself doing satooopid stunts like that.


We have censors who have our best interest at heart by censoring love scenes, kissing scenes and women in skimpy clothes. Just in case watching all that will make us turn into promiscious sex maniacs. Well, thank you for being so considerate. So, does watching F1 races on TV and placing so much emphasis on the Grand Prix in Sepang make every driver a race car driver wannabe? Is that the reason behind the number of times I've almost been run over today, since it's the F1 weekend?


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Child Abuse

When we hear about child abuse, we see in our mind images of children with bruises and cuts. In my opinion, many parents abuse their children without realizing it. These are some examples:

1. Allowing babies and children to travel in the front passenger seat without a car seat. Most times, the child sits with the mother or maid (depends on who is driving). Goes across the board for people with Kancil to a Toyota to a Lexus! Unbelievable that people will spend up to a couple hundred thousand ringgit on their car but will not pay a couple of hundred ringgit for a car seat. Their child's life is worth less than a couple of hundred ringgit? So many times I've seen young children sitting in the front passenger seat, not only without a car seat but without the seat belt on! These people training their children to be human cannonball? Sadly, I know someone who lost her 3-year-old daughter in a car accident. She was in the front passenger seat with their helper. Mom wasn't driving fast either.

2. Children who stands up on the seat so they're sticking out of the sunroof, while the car is moving. This has got to be made a crime! Most of the children I've seen allowed to do so are in MPVs. These are vehicles which are already raised. In a moving vehicle, there is always the risk of hitting a low lying branch. Sure, it's fun for the kids if you want half a kid after the drive.

I found this video on YouTube when I searched for "importance of child seat". Imagine what will happen to your child if he wasn't restrained.

3. Children who gets everything they ask for. How cruel for parents to not let their children experience striving for something. Ever wondered why children seem to have a room full of toys and still complain they have nothing to play with? To deal with the guilt of not spending time with the kids, parents buy stuff for them. I am not totally free of guilt in this department. I have had to check myself many times not to reward with toys or treats when what my kids really wanted is time with me. I really do not want my kids to grow up thinking the world owe them a living, and that they should get everything they want. Well, if the parents want whiney, demanding, selfish children, then I guess giving them everything is alright.

4. Calling the child names like stupid or undermining the child's ability. One of my daughter's friends have parents who both work full time. Their helper/maid/nanny sends her and her siblings to and from school. Most times, the nanny will hang out in the school with the girl until she goes into class, watching her like she's made of glass. Yes, I do agree that the girl's wellbeing is her responsiblity and I do commend the nanny for keeping a close eye on her. However, I have heard, "Girl, don't climb so high. You know you are very clumsy, you will fall down." or "Girl, don't run so fast. You're clumsy lah." That makes me livid! See if anyone dares plant in my child's head that she's clumsy or stupid or careless. He/She will have quite a mom to deal with.

5. Over praising the child to the point of giving the child false confidence On the other end of the spectrum, there are parents who praise their children too much. Every little action is "Brilliant!", "You're so clever!" with loud thunderous applause. Alright, I'm all for positive reinforcement but again there is also the danger of building over-confidence. The American Idol is a good example of how over-praising our children will lead to over-confidence and much embarrassment. How many hopefuls we've seen and laughed at for being totally devoid of talent yet confident that the judges had made a mistake not to pick them.

When one sees a child with bruises and cuts, whom we suspect to be abused, we can report to the police or to organisations like PS, The Children. What about children who are emotionally abused, whose self-esteem is slowly eroded?